Back to school

<p>Good luck to everyone who goes back to school tomorrow like me.
To everyone else: When do y'all start back?</p>

<p>As of right now, CST, I start tomorrow.</p>

<p>September 5th or 7th. I forget</p>

<p>August 15th....They cut our summer 3 weeks :[</p>

<p>September 1</p>

<p>the 15th, my last week of summer, gotta make it count ;)</p>

<p>August 15th D:</p>

<p>September 6.</p>

<p>September 1st.</p>

<p>August 22nd, but my sleep schedule isn't that bad, I would just need to change my alarm from 7am to 6am.</p>

<p>August 23

<p>Monday. Bleh. Time to start summer reading.</p>

<p>August 24th.</p>



<p>LOL I've been doing my summer reading all summer and didn't finish it yet</p>

<p>my classes start on August 30th</p>

<p>September 8th</p>

<p>September 6th</p>

<p>August 29th</p>

<p>August 24.</p>

<p>September 13th. (:</p>

<p>September 7th...I think... o.o . Good luck to you all whenever you start school!</p>