Back Up And Running!

<p>Golly, I can't believe I'm the first to post in the aftermath of the big CC board crash debacle. I feel so...cutting edge!</p>

<p>I don't have much to say, except I had to call St. Louis U to get info from them because the acceptance letter they mailed out on December 7 had still not arrived here, 50 miles away, 6 days later. Doesn't bode well for mail delivery service. The mail carrier kept trying to convince me that the 3 or 4 pieces of mail a week we have to set back in the mailbox have our address, but someone else's name--as if we've never taken the time to check! He then went on to say the SLU letter mishap was probably because they don't know how to properly do bar codes... Yeah, right...</p>

<p>Fact is, the SLU letter doesn't mean squat to us. It's that ND letter we are waiting for. Despite his insistence that he's never screwed anything up (belying reality!), I made it clear to him that if ANY letter came anywhere within a half-mile radius of our house, with a return address of Notre Dame, to look at it extra scrutinously! I can just imagine word of Connie's fate sitting on someone's kitchen desk with the junk mail, until someone decides to send it back into the USPS black hole of screwed up deliveries...sort of like the misdirected stuff we get all the time goes!</p>

<p>So hey, jump on board, we're back up and running! :)</p>

<p>Oh thank the Lord!!!!!!!</p>

<p>The earliest letters came 12/15 last year but I haven't found any posts re being told a mail date.</p>

<p>ddjones---it's the Xmas mail!</p>

<p>three years ago D was accepted to Vandy and the letter/package was lost in the postal service for 3 weeks. had to call and get the info.</p>

<p>be prepared!</p>

<p>I was paranoid for a day.</p>

<p>dd I got a phone call a good 3 weeks ago from SLU telling me that I had been accepted and received so much many yada yada well they told me I should be getting an admittance packet in the mail in the next week. Here it is and I STILL haven't received it so I don't think its the mail cuz I live in Illinois about 2 hours from St Louis and it still hasn't come. I think SLU is very disorganized and I intend to call my cousin (an admissions rep for SLU) to see whats up. Hopefully our ND letters come right away! Would you expect it Monday or Tuesday do you think in this Saint Louis Area?</p>

<p>this site is still really messed up for me</p>

<p>Finally They should have waited till after this week to make changes!</p>

<p>First...these people are trying to put us over the edge! </p>

<p>DD, Somewhere I read one of your last posts regarding being really stressed over your daughters chances at EA. Since I read it, I have been trying to post a response to you BUT...the dreaded "UPGRADE" took us off line for a couple of days and now I can't find the right spot to post it. I hope you find this message.</p>

<p>I feel like you are my soul mate...I have the two child ND thing going on also. I have a daughter who is a freshman at ND this year...and she is VERY happy. Like you, I want both of my children to realize their ND. However, my situation is a little different. My son is trying to transfer to ND for Spring semester 2007...civil engineering. He was rejected 2 years ago. My husband is a domer..class of '75.</p>

<p>I wanted to let you know that I truly hope that your daughter gets in EA...and if not then, for RA. However, there is still hope even with transferring later. I have found that my son has actually been strengthened by the experience of rejection and the challenge of living his ND dream while at another school. He has grown into a very dedicated and focused person who knows what he wants. I t has taken him two full years at another university to take the "leap of faith" again. I am so proud of his for being willing to do so. With that said, I am sweating bullets just like you!</p>

<p>Irish tells me that transfers are a little different that EA notifications. Since the accepted students must pull out of their current universities and get everything done to enroll at ND, they may very well get a telephone call regarding acceptance and letter to follow. First though, fall grades must be called in to ND. My son finishes classes today and grades will be available in a couple of days. </p>

<p>DD, please say a prayer for us. My son has been ready for this moment all of his life@.</p>

<p>I hate Christmas mail! I sent out a few graduate applications yesterday thinking that since they don't have to be there by Friday I will only have to do priority mail. WRONG, I had to "OVERNIGHT" them to get there guaranteed by Friday. However, I sure still had to pay "overnight" prices. UGH. </p>

<p>Anyways, enough with my rant, good luck! Also, I don't remember there being a time when a lot of people have lost their letters, so try to relax!</p>

<p>The news said Mon the 18 should be the worst mail day of course when we expect our letters!</p>

<p>Irishkid, your son is in my prayers as well. I give great credit to your son for having the courage to give it another shot, and to dare to keep his dreams. Says a lot about him and his character. If ND doesn't take him, it is their loss!</p>

<p>As per my daughter, if she gets in, she will be delighted. If she gets deferred, she will be bummed and anxious and will actually do an on-campus visit to her backup school, which has already accepted her. If ND were to outright reject her or waitlist her in the RD process, she would most likely figure it to be destined that way and move in a different direction. The runner-up school has already given her a pretty hefty scholarship immediately upon acceptance, and she has a real chance at a full scholarship there--a process she would begin to pursue, even if she gets deferred. </p>

<p>Early Action is a two-way street. Obviously, all of us are fretting, wondering what the university's decision is going to be. Thing is, they, too, take a risk with deferral. I'd imagine many of their acceptance and rejection decisions aren't all that hard to make. Riskiest to the university are the borderline admits they choose to defer, to test against other applicants in the RD pool. Once they defer a student, they have opened up the door for other universities to court them. A lot of schools would salivate at some of the prospects ND chooses to defer or reject--and are willing to put cash on the line to prove it. Putting a kid into deferred status is like letting them float in the free agency market.</p>

<p>There are a lot of bets the admissions people have to make right now. Does the valedictorian with the 1580 and all the extracurriculars turn out to be one of the kids who discovers the joys of partying freshman year and ends up on academic probation? (Seen it.) Does the brilliant intellectual with all the eclectic experiences decide ND's mindset is to narrow for her own and transfer back to the state university? (Seen it.) Has the amazing overachiever spent so much programmed time accomplishing everything he has accomplished, he has never really developed coping schools--and ends up unable to cope with not being the best, dropping out for mental health reasons? (Seen it, too.)</p>

<p>How about the kids they defer or reject? Have they just rejected the future president of the United States? Secretary-General of the UN? The creative scientist who finds the cure to cancer?</p>

<p>As nervous as we are about what is going to happen, my hunch is that they are nervous, too. Every decision they make has implications not just for one student's future, but for the university as a whole. </p>

<p>From what I've seen, the Ivies like to micro-manage things, to create their own ideal academic climate--the perfect mix. ND seems much more straightforward. Perhaps it is because, being who they are and what they are, they have the freedom--and desire--to quite openly include prayer in their process. As we should in ours.</p>

<p>It may not be as easy to say next week, depending on what the will might be, but...may God's will be done...</p>

<p>is this site getting really frustrating for anyone else? it's always either broken or the server is too busy! it's driving me crazy...and of course it's EA results week!! maybe i'm just going crazy waiting for decision letters to come.</p>

<p>dd, can't say more than that~it's what I keep telling myself! We are now not allowed to even mention the word "college" this week! This is really crazy! All the kids in my d's school are anxiously waiting today's decision for U of I too! I guess they will put the decisions online tonight at 5:00! Of course, my d didn't apply in time for the priority filing, so we wait...</p>

<p>If the board goes down, feel free to go over to my website at <a href=""&gt;;/a>. I am not trying to steal people from this board, because this is a much better resource, but I know with EA letters coming out any time that you may want to talk about these things and it can be aggravating if this board is down.</p>

<p>Anyways, this thread will probably be deleted but I wanted to let you know that there is an alternative. It isn't a replacement, we all should be here when it is up, but if it just a safety net if not.</p>

<p>That's great to know. Thanks, Irish.</p>