backpacks for boarding school

Hey guys

Random question- what kind of backpacks do people use at bs I’m going to one in MA

Any advice is appreciated :slight_smile:

I would love to know this too!

As with clothes, I wouldn’t stress too much about brands. If it works, you like it, and your family can afford it…then it’s good! Don’t feel like you have to get what everyone else has.

That said, I think Herschel and Dakine are relatively popular, as is the old standby Jansport. LL Bean makes good bags as does North Face. You could even look into something like an Osprey or Deuter (high end backpack companies that make some smaller daypacks that could work for school use).

If you want to be a bit different, I happen to like DeMartini/Globe Canvas. I currently use a Timbuk2 messenger style bags.

I’m a parent, btw.

You will see all types of styles. Really you should buy whatever style your child likes. My kids carried Roxy and Quicksilver last year. In my experience these tend to be be very personal choices.

DS at a local school carries a huge Dakine backpack since he doesnot like to use the locker and carries all the books. It weighs like 40 lbs.
DS19 at BS has a much smaller backpack since he does not need to carry all the books and can go back to dorm between classes. Concord Academy is the only school I know where kids cannot go back to the dorm during school hours.
Just take what you already have (if it is still usable) and then buy another one once you are there and know what size you need.

I don’t think the brand of backpack really matters. My DS has one he got at Target; a no name brand and has done fine.

Are you male or female? Many females carry a tote of some kind instead of a backpack.

I suggest getting something that is a tad different. Backpacks usually get dumped in a pile heading into the dining hall for lunch or morning chapel or meeting and there can be a tendency to get them mixed up if you get something really generic.

My kid has used an LLBean book backpack for the past four years. It has held up really well but was starting to look a little tired, so the rising senior just ordered a new one. You can have it monogrammed with names or initials, which is helpful in case it looks like someone else’s pack in the pile.

Mine will be using the same Nike backpack he used last year.

ChoatieKid favored black ones.

I think my kid’s is a Swiss Army one, or some such. I tried to get him to go with the Hello Kitty one, but he refused…

I hear ya, @gusmom2000 – I found a really cute Dora the Explorer pack at the local thrift shop – but it wasn’t big enough to hold the laptop. D did bear a close resemblance to Dora when she was young (a relative submitted her photo to a Dora lookalike contest and won!), so she was not amused at my suggestion. :wink:

@cameo43 @gusmom2000 hmm… you guys are giving me ideas.
I still have perfectly useable Buzz lightyear, Lego Bionicles, Spongebob, Spiderman backpacks/lunchboxes in the basement.
At my work, a colleague carried Bob the builder lunchbox, hand-me-down lunchbox from his kid, I guess.

D bought a solid dark navy Kipling backpack.

DD decided on the Turbo Transit from LL Bean. Lifetime warranty and big enough to fit everything.

AppleKid found one on Amazon for a reasonable price. Key features included a dedicated laptop compartment and not-too-large size (so far DC only has one textbook with the possibility of getting maybe one or two more, at least this coming semester!). For sports AppleKid has a fairly large-capacity bag which will go to school too–the kid has always preferred to keep the school stuff and the sports stuff separate.

DS got one from NorthFace that snaps like a clam shell – no idea – went with my husband to get it…