Backup plans??

<p>Worst case scenario, if I can't get into grad school, anyone know what kind of jobs I can get with a human biology major with a minor in philosophy and law?</p>

<p>Since you have plans to go to grad school anyway, maybe you should expand the range of grad programs that you are considering. I'll assume that you are thinking about a graduate program in biosciences. So, if your worse case scenario comes about, what about other types of graduate programs? Here are some fields to consider with your background: public health, bioethics, science journalism, science education, nutrition/dietetics, food science, physical therapy, rehab counseling, or, nursing (MSN). I'm not saying admission to these types of programs is necessarily easier, only trying to expand the range of options to consider. I'm also assuming you have grades, test scores, etc. that would make it realistic for you to apply to a grad program in the first place.</p>

<p>I don't know what specific grad field you're applying for, but you could apply for a master's degree program and then re-apply for a doctoral program (assuming that is your goal). Of course, there's always the old standby, business school.</p>

<p>Not many good jobs. The best you can hope for is to train as a med tech and be thankful for $35-40k a year with benefits (working 3'd shift and Holidays).</p>