bacterial meningitis vaccination recorded needed to apply?

I’ve seen conflicting information regarding what is required as part of the application process. The page on bacterial meningitis says that vaccination proof is needed before the first day of the semester. However, I’ve also seen on the applytexas application, that the freshman checklist says it is needed as part of the application itself.

Does anybody know for sure what the requirement is? Is it required as part of the application?

It is not required to complete the application. You just have to submit it once you are accepted to be eligible to attend your NSC.

As @WaldingAg91 stated. Once you apply, you will get a email or two (it will come to the email address you put on the apply TX app) Net ID. Once you activate that, you will be able to access your Applicant Information System (AIS) page. On the AIS page, it will have a check list of things you need to do. Very handy. One of them is a link for the Meningitis information and upload. Sorry, I don’t recall if you have to wait to submit it after you are accepted or not, as we were so late getting it done, it was seconds before the deadline to attend the NSC. Always check back on the AIS to make sure things you have done get checked off and accepted.Every now and then, an upload doesn’t happen correctly.

Thanks for the responses @WaldingAg91 and @Theima2