Bad ap score...

I just recently found out I got a 2 on my APUSH exam. I wanted to go to U OF m Ann Arbor But idk now. My gpa tanked this year bc of honors Chem and being that I moved 800 miles to. I plan to change this habit next year junior year ! I’m taking AP Chem, gov and English. I’m currently at a 3.3 but have high ambitions. Please give some suggestions thanks I’m really dishearted by that 2 being my first AP since I came from an IB school.

Few universities use AP scores for admission. Concentrate on your grades at this point.

Yes, AP scores are mostly used for class placement and getting credit for intro classes, not for admissions. Test policies vary widely across schools, but your AP score probably won’t affect admissions.

Don’t report the 2. Colleges pay more attention to the fact you took the class and the grade you got anyway and not all students take AP exams for AP classes they took.
If your GPA ranked because of honors chem, don’t take AP chemistry. AP chem is one of the hardest APs.
What other science could you take?
What’s your senior schedule?

Senior schedule I’m still debating but I feel like it will be pscked with ap’s

I think good or bad AP scores should be reported in your application. I recommend putting one that allows you to waive taking that course in college, because it will allow you to graduate earlier from that university. I am sure College Admissions consider everything about your application, and every extra thing you do will be viewed positively!

Ok for sure! Thanks !!

Should I get my AP rescored ? I got a 2 on my apush exam . I did pretty good on the final (B+) but idk how I fail the actual exam. I studied for hours and put my time and effort into it. Is it worth it ? I really need it!

@tyler333: a 2 is most definitely NOT a positive result and no college will grant credit for it.

@Yaboihm : choose 4 max, and do well.

@MYOS1634 The scoring for a is a negative result that would not count for college credit, but knowing that they took the actual test isn’t a negative perspective among them.

The fact you took the test doesn’t matter to adcoms, what they want is your challenging yourself by taking the class, participating, etc. That’s also why self studying for APs doesn’t help with college admissions.
AP test scores dont have to be submitted but when they are they must be good.