Bad AP scores

<p>Do you have to tell colleges your AP scores on the application or can you omit them if your application looks better without them?</p>


<p>you can omit them, just don’t self-report on coommonapp. Send them May of senior year to the school you’ll be attending. Schools won’t rescind for bad AP’s, and only a few schools ask applicants to self report all scores when applying (Harvard and maybe some UC’s)</p>

<p>In response to the post above, I’m pretty sure Harvard doesn’t require all AP scores to be sent. I know at one point a CC User reported that a Harvard dean said that withholding scores is kind of like lying (but it doesn’t really make sense because H allows score choice for the SAT). But aside from that, there are nothing that you are mandated to give H all your scores. Unless the college has a supplement that demands you to report all scores, the common app colleges all allow you to selectively choose what scores to report.</p>

<p>u don’t have to tell to colleges</p>

<p>Harvard wants to see more SAT2 and AP scores if available. They may want to see all AP scores. Although they allows score choice for SAT1, hiding AP scores may be viewed differently. When you do score choice, you are showing better score of the same test. When hiding a bad AP score, you don’t, unless you self-report the retake instead.</p>