Bad freshman year of high school... =( But can it be fixed?

<p>I made b's in stupid classes freshman year but I made b's in some important classes. I made b's in </p>

<p>Home ec- Don't cook good enoug =(
PE- Can't run fast enough =(
English Gifted- ONE point away from an A!!
Gifted World Geography- Nothing to say bout this one. Just =(</p>

<p>Made A's in Health, Math, IBCA, Physical Science honors</p>

<p>How bad will my freshman year kill my chances of going to say... Duke or Georgetown?</p>

<p>If I make all A's from now on and make A's at Tulane what would be my chances at say transferring to Duke or Georgetown?</p>

<p>Ugh I've screwed it up now!!</p>

<p>It WILL be ok, just try to keep a 3.7+ GPA and it will be ok . Just take a deep breathe.</p>

<p>That's certainly not going to kill your chances.</p>

<p>What kind of school gives B's in cooking and PE though?</p>

<p>An extremely stupid public school. -_- I passed all the written tests but only the really really really athletic girls actually made an A. I ran till I almost threw up and I still got a B.</p>