Bad GPA. Am I Doomed?

<p>I am looking to transfer for the fall of 2013 at a competitive school. I am currently attending a top 30 LAC in New England and got a pretty bad 2.86 for my first semester. Will This ruin any chances at transferring to another competitive college? I would really rather not transfer after sophomore year because I feel like socially I would be screwed.</p>

<p>Likely, depending on how competitive the colleges are and what your reason for the 2.8 GPA is.</p>

<p>Well I guess I will further explain then. The reason for transferring from my college is because of two reasons. First is that socially I find that the school isn’t a good fit for me, and second is that I would like to major in business and my current school doesn’t have an actual business school, let alone business classes not econ or accounting. The school is known for grade deflation and academically ranks 98/100 on Princeton review if that means anything. </p>

<p>I have good ECs form high school including tons of community service that I have continued in my first semester in college including tutoring weekly at a local salvation army to inner city kids, and being very much involved in events that cater to an organization that helps the mentally and physically challenged. Academically in high school I had around a 3.6 GPA and a 38 on my ACTs. Schools I would be looking at include: U Miami, Wake Forest, Wisconsin, UNC, U Mich, and maybe others right now. </p>

<p>Also Next semester I am taking classes that should be easier then my first semester, as my first semester classes were difficult. I believe that I can get a 3.5 and above next semester if I put in the work. I am not sure if these colleges will even look at second semester, but I will definently do better.</p>