Bad GPA avg SAT Bad EC's

<p>670 Verbal 600 Math
Business Schools</p>

<p>Northeastern CBA
Bentley College
Suffolk University
Providence College</p>

<p>Rank 90/400</p>

<p>Difficult Course Load</p>

Tennis Team 3 Years
Book Club
Martial Arts-Brown Belt
Job for 2 years of high school</p>

<p>How good of a chance do u think i have for getting into these schools?</p>

<p>oh yeah and I forgot to say my weighted gpa is like an 87</p>


<p>I don't know, your screen name is pretty bad. Why would someone call themselves sycophant? Sure, the Collegeboard loves to throw the word around in standardized tests, but maybe you need a new image. That would certainly help your chances.</p>

<p>Its original... Why would somebody call themselves Tsunami. A new image?? Can someone just help me out here?</p>

<p>you have a goo d chance at all those places except for maybe BU SMG. Try considering Babson which would also be a good match for you or some other schools perhaps a it south.</p>

<p>Is BU ranked higher than Bentley?</p>

<p>sycophant - you are definitely in at Bentley with a 1370.
Jeff Shek - yes, BU is ranked higher than Bentley</p>

<p>Bu was ranked 39th in 2004 for business. This year (2005) rankings BU is ranked 48th and Bentley is ranked 57th. However BU is rated at 3.1 and Bentley at 3.0 so the difference is extremely small its just that a lot of schoos have the same ratings therefore making a large discrepancy in the rankings. Babson I believe is 29th and there are plenty of good schools between both of those rankings that are worth considering.</p>

<p>I honestly, thought Bu/Bentley wasn't in the same range. I thought Suffolk was an ease in, but the others, I figured BU was a hard school. </p>

<p>Although someone mentioned how BU isn't a good shot, does he still have a decent chance of getting in?</p>

<p>For the person who said 1370 thats wrong 670+600=1270.... Bentleys avg is about 1200... Do you think I can still get in? And what are my chances at northeastern too? Which school would hand out more money to me?</p>

<p>Anyone else wanna help me out here???</p>


<p>do you think SAT's are the only thing. I don't. This poster with a 1270 has a good chance at BU, Babson and Bentley as well. BU is a good school however, some don't like the feel and some do. Bentley is a very good school in my opinion it's underrated. As the rankings show BU and Bentley are in the same league for business. Babson would be perhaps a cut above the two. Not just because of the rankings but perhaps because it is a business specialty school. I think the poster has a good shot at all 3 and should be into Bentley.</p>

<p>I just transferred to Bentley after my freshman year... what are ur chances? i think a lot of it depends on how well you're doing NOW - what's your college GPA?
but hey i know one transfer here who got in with a 1070SAT and a high 2.8/2.9 GPA...i wonder how he got in lol? But many of the incoming freshmen here are 1200+...</p>

<p>Ooops I forgot nm on the college GPA</p>

<p>I'd say you'll get into Suffolk and Bentley, try Babson you will probably get in...I have no idea about BU and Northeastern, if their business schools are harder to get into or whatever...PC is either a match or a safety...i have a 1250 on my SAT, 3.9/5 GPA coming from one of the best high schools in the state and i was told it's a reach for me...
btw: weighted 87 gpa is not bad!!! neither are your ECs...
ECs are funny because you dont have to have a bunch of them. in fact, it looks better if you are really involved with a few than spread thin over a bunch.</p>

<p>QUOTE FROM ABOVE: in fact, it looks better if you are really involved with a few than spread thin over a bunch.</p>

<p>agree...especially true since we continually see applicants trying to gain an edge by joining a crapload of clubs...just let your natural interests guide...</p>