bad gpa?

<p>so last year i went to a private jewish school and i got around a 3.9ish overall. this year i transferred to a prep school. one of the top ones in the country. it was on the forbes top 20 list. and my cumulative high school gpa went down to a 3.5. the school i am at now only does year grades, so when i was getting used to the rigor of it and had b's first semester. it was hard to really change that much during the 2nd semester because it is all cumulative. now that i have "figured the new school out i am pretty confident i can get good grades next year, and senior year. hopefully a 4.0+ weighted. if i have good sat's, 2100+, and above average ec's, is it still possible to get into a top school.</p>

<p>Chillax! 3.5 is not bad. You will raise the GPA this yr. Add a solid SAT/ACT score and you`re fine. Are you hell bent on going ivy?</p>

<p>Shouldn't this be on a college thread? or maybe I'm just confused...</p>

<p>@confused, he`s still in prep school and worried about transcripts for college in the future.</p>