Bad language on comm app essay

<p>On my essay I include a confrontation between me and my friend. I quote the things he says but how should I quote his foil language. Or what should I do because it kind of gives the confrontation its mood in a way .</p>

<p>Is it appropriate?</p>

<p>Eh, it's iffy. What kind of language is it, and how much?</p>

<p>I'd say Damn and Hell (the d word and the h word in case they get **** out lol) are okay but anything else is just not appropriate.</p>

<p>He yelled, " you dumb piece of <strong><em>, you are turning into a girl". I said " Meron you're an idiot do you really want to waist your life like this. I'm done with this stupid friendship" As I left he punched me in the back of my head, in-front of everyone , and as I fell to the ground he yelled " get your own ride *</em></strong>" and that was the end of our relationship.</p>

<p>BTW- not edited yet.</p>

<p>the first inappropriate word starts with an "S".
The next starts with a B</p>

<p>I could say :
He called me some vile names and told me I was turning into a girl. </p>

<p>But it gives me a different feeling when I read it.</p>

<p>Input would be nice . My brain won't let me continue my essay without solving this dilemma.</p>

<p>*waste not waist...</p>

<p>And yeah this language is all completely inappropriate. Moreover, from this snippet of course, I fail to see how this essay will accentuate your potential as an academically and socially equipped prospective student. Conversely, it seems like the next few paragraphs will morph into a sob story.</p>

<p>I'm also unsure as to what you are trying to achieve by this essay topic, but I'll just answer your question. Personally, I think that's okay. It's not overboard, it's what someone else said, and "bad" words are just "bad" because of the social connotation assigned to them, and by keeping with the idea that they're so unutterable, we give them power, and power to those who use them in a negative manner.</p>

<p>Those are the only two foil words I use in my entire essay. And I noticed I typed waist instead of waste but as I said I did not edit the sentence. I am sorry if that bothered you. And no the next paragraphs that will morph into a sob story. After this paragraph I just describe my life after him and other things unrelated to him.</p>

<p>BTW. I am quoting what he said not using words I normally say . I just remembered what he said that day and decided it would mean more if I quoted his words.</p>

<p>It didn't bother me I just wanted to point it out before you send it in! And it's good that it doesn't morph into a sob story! I hope your essay turns out great.</p>

<p>But BillyMc, I still maintain that those words are inappropriate lol. Sure, I use them all the time but I'm 17! A 55 year old admissions reader might think "What made this girl/boy think this was okay to write in an essay to _____ University?!"</p>

<p>Never mind I will just embellish that part of the essay and alter the details of that event.</p>

<p>DS#1 did use the word "s**t" in his essay, but honestly it was the most appropriate word given the context. He heard from admissions officers from several schools about what a good essay it was and one said she couldn't wait to present it to the admissions committee.</p>

<p>With 1700 words in your essay, I'd get rid of the whole conversation.</p>