Bad Luck With Math Curve

<p>I got my score breakdown for the Oct. SAT I and a raw score of 57 for math was only 740..........i was expecting at least 760. Anybody else feel the same</p>

<p>800 800 760 740? That can't be! How do you know you got a raw score of 57? If you miss three, presuming they're mc problems, thats a raw score of 56, which would then be like 800 800 780 760 740, which makes more sense.</p>

<p>i missed 2 and got 760. grr...</p>

<p>I got a 780 Math but I haven't got my score report. What's that mean, I missed like 1/2? lol</p>

<p>800 missed 0...i thought i missed a grid-in but i guess everyone on the official thread was wrong about the one with how many 3 digit numbers you can have using 2's and 3's (and there was some other thing to it).. i put 8 and everyone here said 6... guess it was 8</p>

<p>My friend missed 1 and got 800. Stupid collegeboard. Why not have a raw score of 57/60 be 770 or something?</p>

<p>every1 stop complaining LOL... June SAT was real bad for Math: 800 780 750 740.... I was one of the unfortunate souls that got only TWO wrong... and was shafted with a 750 while my friend got ONE wrong and received the 780... insane</p>

<p>MATH CURVE IS EVIL! I missed 5 questions and ended up with a 710; whereas, I missed 4 verbals and ended up still with a 770! If only math curve were like verbal... sighs...</p>

<p>I missed 1 and got an 800 on math. I think it was a grid in.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure it went like this:</p>

<p>Raw Scaled
60 = 800
59 = 800
58 = 780
57 = 760
56 = 740
55 = 720
54 = 710</p>