Bad math grades in school, good scores on tests

<p>Hey everyone, I'm having a most singular problem at the moment regarding math: My grades in high school math courses have been inconsistent with my test scores. Basically, the discrepancy is obvious:</p>

<p>9th Grade Honors Geometry: B-
10th Grade Honors Algebra II/Trigonometry: B-
11th Grade Honors Precalculus: B+ (most likely)</p>

<p>SAT I Math: 800
SAT II Math II: 800
AMC 12A: 75 (AIME cutoff 87.5 this year)</p>

<p>I am fairly competent at math, and I did not study for these tests. I understand that none of these math exams are difficult in the least, but I cannot help but question how this will appear to admissions officers.</p>

<p>Admissions may believe you are not working up to your potential. Have you been inconsistent with homework, quizzes or tests in class? Try for A's senior year to show that you are a mature, consistent, hard worker. (And congrats on the SAT's!)</p>

<p>Courses you take in high school are always going to be challenging because of how new they are to you. As long as you put your best effort forward, admissions officers understand that students are trying their hardest to grasp the concepts and learn them. If we're talking Harvard, or any Ivy, they seem to never respect the vast range of intelligence levels students posses. Don't freak out, and keep doing your best.</p>