Bad news for deferred / late submissions

<p>I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but being deferred for a possible March freshman acceptance is not a good thing as FSU will admit about 1000 fewer freshmen as compared to previous years. Also due to the present economic trends, many of those already accepted and that were using FSU solely as a back-up school hoping to gain acceptance to a more expensive private school with a favorable financial scholarship plan are starting to realize that scholarship money is very tight, thus due to economic concerns, these students will attend FSU. </p>

<p>Coming from “UNRELIABLE” sources, In all reality, FSU possibly accepted too many freshman students and there may be no spots left over for any student deferred, any student applying late and minimal opportunities for out of state applicants.</p>

<p>Very true. I have a couple of friends who got deferred and I feel really sorry for them.</p>

<p>david- you have posted this as fact in two threads now- "FSU will admit about 1000 fewer freshmen as compared to previous years".</p>

<p>Where are you getting this info from? Can you provide a link confirming it?</p>

<p>Last years incoming freshman class was approximately 6200. For what possible reason would they admit 15-20% less this year?</p>

<p>lol Why do you care? Nobody even knows where you're getting your statistics from.
Whoever was deferred will have their chance in a few months.</p>

<p>Uhh, no, FSU did not, actually.</p>

<p>They already cut the freshman class by this ~1,000 around the time I applied. I can't remember if it was the year before or the year I applied, but I remember that it was a big issue when I toured FSU. </p>

<p>The incoming freshman class will likely end up somewhere around the 6200 mark like it has been the last few years. They did not cut it to where they would only have around 5200 freshmen entering.</p>

"For what possible reason would they admit 15-20% less this year?"</p>

<p>Money and less funding !</p>

<p>Less students=less money, not the other way around. Less funding will only lead to increased rates or reduced services.</p>

<p>And again, where are you getting your fact about less admits?</p>

<p>Going from 6200 to 5200 is a huge drop and would almost certainly be picked up by the local media. I would be skeptical of this rumor.</p>

<p>What's your purpose in making this post exactly?
Are you just trying to make those that were deferred/applied late feel terrible?
I was admitted and still feel some stress from this whole process.
And again, can you provide a source for the information you provided?</p>