Bad Professors.

<p>Rant about em' here.</p>

<p>Overall I think most of my professors in college so far have been pretty good, but of course, there's always that one or two professors that really make you wanna punch a wall.</p>

<p>My EN101 professor; where do I begin with her? She's an older woman and I think she's probably been teaching here for some time, so maybe at some point she was a good teacher, but now it's just her time to go. Her grading system was so sloppy; she was so lazy that she never got up and used the board even ONCE the whole semester to explain any concepts or questions, always forgot that she hadn't assigned something and then claimed that WE forgot the assignment. I can't say I learned a single thing from her class either. She jumped from section to section so quick without letting anything absorb. I thought I was the only one who disliked her, but it turned out the whole class was dissing her one day when I arrived early. She was a nice lady,'s time to hang up the mic.</p>

<p>Had a math professor who would just quote from the book than expect us to connect the dots (the book wasn't that good either).</p>

<p>Integrated Arts and Humanities professor, who's research was in something like how Science Fiction depicts the human body.</p>

<p>While it is mean to say she just looked crazy. She had purple streaks in her hair and thin, pursed lips. She always looked annoyed and mad. She liked to wear weird clothing such as a shawl and leggings or a shirt that didn't button correctly and left a poorly placed bare patch of skin. </p>

<p>She missed over a month of classes and didn't grade our exams. I'll totally give her the fact she was sick then her very old mother was sick then she got sick again as reasons to miss the time but she didn't tell anyone until she had missed like 2 weeks worth of class. She never tired to get someone to fill in any of her classes even if she knew before hand she would probably miss them. </p>

<p>She was impossible to contact. She rarely answered e-mails, never answered her phones (she only wanted to communicate by phones), and was never in her office. I tried to go to her office hours twice only to find her not there. Shortly after I found out she felt that they were a waste of her time and we had to set up times to contact her. I tried and wasn't able to.</p>

<p>Her grading was completely senseless. Luckily only one of my projects were graded by her. Her only feedback on a 3 page, mostly picture filled powerpoint was that it was good. I got an 80% on it even though she went over it and didn't have any improvements for it. It took her a month to do this.</p>

<p>She didn't have a set agenda for the class and would often write the day's itinerary during class. After a few weeks into the class we didn't have an outline of homework. We had no idea when quizzes were due, what our reading was, or what we would do in class. It actually got so bad we had a week and a half to do our second midterm project, which was actually 3.5 weeks before our final exam.</p>

<p>The classed actually contacted the head of the department who stepped in luckily. He over saw grading at first then, when she got sick again, he took over grading completely.</p>

<p>I had to drop/switch two classes this semester because of professors.</p>

<p>I had a math professor who started talking about how terrible people with disabilities are and how they could be healed with religion. What a quack. >_< My new math prof is really good.</p>

<p>I had another professor this semester, that I dropped because she used the online assignments that came with a textbook. It was really buggy and she just gave everyone zeros when the assignments didn't work. I'll try that class next semester, with a different professor.</p>

<p>Oh the joy of teachers, that should not be teaching...</p>

<p>They have us there, captive to their whims and often faulty memories. Surprisingly they don't appreciate it when you tell them that they need to remember that they forget things sometimes. Don't you just love the ones that leave all of their grading to their grad students? </p>

<p>The best of the worst college teachers(if that makes sense at all?) are those that are looking for dates with their usually younger and more impressionable students. Using their time as a teacher to work down your defenses and make themselves look good by giving out compliments and grades-lovely!</p>

<p>You do have to remember that teachers are only human after all. They have issues just like the rest of us. One nice thing to note is there are checks in place to keep teachers in line. If you are having an issue then you need to speak up. You will probably find out that others are having the same trouble, and there will be some help available, for future students at least.</p>

<p>Ugh, I have a business teacher who uses completely different terminology than the book does for the same things. Which would be fine, if she TOLD us what her different words mean. But she doesn't. She'll be working problems on the board using completely different terms than the book without ever mentioning she's doing so, and the entire class starts thinking we aren't even reading the right book. It's so confusing. </p>

<p>I mean, just think about it. You have a list of twenty new terms. You learn them all and how to apply them to problems. Then you come to class the next day and half the terms you learned aren't used, and instead, your teacher gives you a problem where half the terminology is completely foreign and doesn't bother to explain any of it. She just expects you to "know what she means."</p>

<p>It's really frustrating because the particular subject is difficult enough already. Now I'm super worried about my upcoming midterm because I don't even know if I'll be able to actually understand her questions. </p>


<p>Overall I like my History teacher, but he went on a huge rant last night about my religion. It's not even important stuff, just referring to the services as "boring, scripted, and uninspired" but still...felt insulting. The rituals aren't boring, they're comforting:(</p>

<p>In one ear and out the other is the best advice for such rants :<</p>

<p>As much as I liked my Wr. 1 professor because she was a nice person (unless she's ****ed), she took FOREVER to grade our essays. We literally didn't get our first essay back until two to three months later after we handed them in. </p>

<p>My History professor during summer pretty much just read off the PPT lecture notes. If attendance wasn't mandatory, I'd skip coming to class altogether and just come in for the midterm and exam.</p>

<p>My 2nd Intermediate Algebra professor (first time was with a different professor) would waste the first 15 minutes of class time having us watch math tutors make mistake and point and laugh at them.</p>