Bad roommate situation

<p>I have a bad roommate in Ragans. </p>

<p>I wake up to him blasting music. He has friends over who are unusually loud, he is very loud. Makes voices constantly like he is darth vader or something. Overhear him and his friends talking regularly and I dislike overhearing their ignorant opinions. He clogs the sink with food and blames it on how Ragans was built. He is very inconsiderate and it's as if he doesn't have 3 roommates living here. </p>

<p>I've already complained once about him staying up late with friends keeping me up, he has stopped that. But for Summer B he has made my living experience horrible and I'm not his dad and don't want to have more sit-downs on how he can make my living experience better.</p>

<p>What course of action should I take to get a new room for Summer C?</p>

<p>I used to blast music all the time in Ragans, but I always kept the kitchen clean. Don’t whine to your RA like my old roommate did. My advice, if you don’t share a bathroom with him just start dropping a deuce in his toilet but don’t flush. If that doesn’t work, try the shower at last resort. If he confronts you, just say he smells like poo</p>

<p>The only way to overcome an oppressive slob is to be an even bigger slob. Mutually Assured Destruction is the best deterrent.</p>

<p>@sid I hope you are not being serious at all. That is a passive aggressive way to handle a situation.</p>

<p>I’m in Ragans as well and live w/ 3 other women. Whenever someone does something that one or more aren’t okay with we tell them to their face without being aggressive or rude. There are mature ways to handle every situation.
If my roommates blast their music too loud or are talking way too loud. I tell them and they don’t act like children about it. They sort it out without a problem. My roommates are great and are easy to talk to. I think the guys have way more issues. Our RA was very vocal about that when she visited us to hand out the contracts.
Hopefully you can talk it out with him, or at least set up a meeting with an RA. You have to share a space with this guy you shouldn’t have to be irritated or uncomfortable the whole time you are living there. You’re paying just as much as him to live there.</p>

<p>Have you told him of your issues with him as a roommate? If you haven’t brought it up (and done it NICELY), then that is where you need to start.</p>

<p>Aside from that, if talking to him does nothing, then your next step is talking with your RA about it. If your other roommates feel the same way about him, then it’s probably time for a meeting of everyone in your apartment. </p>

<p>You could also apply for a room reassignment, although whether that will actually get you out of your apartment is a bit iffy- it just depends on whether there are any openings or not.</p>

<p>It was obviously a joke.
I preferred to drop a deuce outside my roommate’s door.