Bad SAT II score :( what now?

<p>Will colleges see this? i just heard about score choice, what is it exactly? </p>

<p>And how do i deal with my bad SAT II score? i cant cancel it anymore, i just want it to never be seen by any college!</p>

<p>Thanks ^^</p>

<p>You can use Score Choice, which allows you to choose which scores your colleges will see. I'm in the same position.</p>

<p>what if uv already sent it with your free score reports to a few colleges that you really wanted to apply to?(Iv done dat ..not happy with math)</p>

<p>@Perfect Pixie: </p>

<p>Normally, schools will ignore your bad scores if you re-take the test and get better scores, provided you don't send them 5 other score reports showing that you re-took a test 5 times.</p>

<p>But I'm not confident.</p>

<p>so lets say you get a 600 on math I and you retook it to get a 700, you still send both your scores, not just the 700? and does the 600 affect you in any way or do they just disregard that score and take the 700?</p>

<p>According to the Colleges, it shouldn't. (If you got a 430 and then get a 790, ALTHOUGH colleges say it wouldn't, I wouldn't be surprised if they were just a bit questioning). </p>

<p>But I would assume that generally, they wouldn't care too much if you sent in a higher score along with a lower score. HOWEVER, they will start to question you after the 2nd attempt, as from what I've heard, they start averaging when you send the 3rd test (for the ACTs or SATs, but I think it would be the same for Subject tests).</p>

<p>@Rockychen-I took it for the 1st time in June and got a 690 in level2 which is pathetic(coz i only got 4 answers wrong...guess i made bubbling mistakes or sumthing,coz iv never gone below 770 in practise tests).So im thinking of retaking in November ..thats when ill be taking phy 4 the 1st time..Im a senior bdw was a good learning experience ..i knw where i went wrong now</p>

<p>oh and the problem is iv sent scores to HYPC :(....that will make it against me wont it?? After all...which idiot sends a 690 (in math2)to harvard?? (although my chem score was good)</p>

<p>@ perfectpixie</p>

<p>HYPC requires you to send all scores right? are you planning on retaking math II? otherwise it would hurt you to have that score</p>

<p>I'm no expert (I'm not even applying to Harvard), but I believe if you've got other better scores, I believe Harvard only requires 2 now, so sending extra may not work to your advantage if they are bad, but I don't think they will work to your disadvantage (Subject tests are designed to show what you are good at, not what you're terrible at). And I don't think they will look TOO down on someone sending a 780 after a 690, because of whatever issue. (Now, if you send it 2 more times, it may not look so good).</p>