BAD SAT'S in need of advice?

<p>Hey guys: I took the SAT's in May of this year and I didn't score too well.
My math was ridiculously low - I scored a 430 CR: 610 W: 590
I'm not trying to get into HYPS or anything but definitely a decent school like Temple, High Point, St. Mary's, Boston University type of schools, so my goal is a 600+
I was wondering if you guys having advice in self-studying - my grandparents said they would sign me up for a SAT tutor but it would have to be my birthday present- do you think it is worth it? or if self-studying can really help? I've bought some books.
Any ADVICE would be appreciated! THANKS!</p>

<p>In my opinion Math is the section most amenable to coaching on the SAT. Just knowing things like the Pythagorian theorem, the formulas for the areas of a triangle and a circle will get you a fair number of points. You need to practice doing math problems as much as possible to sharpen your problem solving skills. Going from a 430 to over 600 is likely to be difficult but getting to a 530 is feasible if you really work at it. A 530 in Math combined with your very respectable CR and W scores should make you competitive at a large number of good colleges.</p>

<p>I can attest that the math section is very coachable. I received a score of 600 the first time I took it in October 09. Then through self studying (mainly just taking practice tests) I got it up to a 710 (the 4 I missed were very dumb mistakes) in May '10. Anyways the point is don't be too down on yourself and realize that improving your score is very plausible. I normally recommend against tutoring and classes but since your score somewhat low I think you may actually benefit greatly from taking some kind of prep class or getting tutored. Good Luck!</p>

<p>Thanks A lot! I'm definitely going to consider taking a prep class that could be very beneficial! I'm going to try to spend a 1/2 hr a day to studying for the SAT, because I have more time since it's summer! Any more opinions would be appreciated!!</p>

<p>Hey, keep your head up because your scores can drastically improve with some practice. Critical Reading is simple: memorize vocabulary (buy a book, make flash cards and review everyday) and learn to read faster by tracing your pencil over the words as you comprehend. With the math, you cannot linger on problems. Buy the official guide and practice everyday. good luck.</p>

<p>I recommend a SAT tutor, especially for math. Try to find a local college student who is good at math, you can acquire their services for cheap. They can always use extra cash, it beats working retail. Go look at the college they usually have employment areas at the school, or look on Craig's list under tutoring. Have them meet you at the local library etc. The critical reading and writing you can figure out by practice. Learn Vocab words using Direct Hits, Barron's etc. where ever you can find SAT words. Learn the words and start using them in your daily conversations, that's what I do with my 2 kids and their vocabulary is way above grade level. Writing, learn the grammar rules and you will be set. Klass Tutoring, has a good book for this, it is called the "Tutorial", buy it on Good luck!</p>