Bad transcripts, ready for transfer

Okay, so this is the current situation I am in and in desperate need of help/advice. Back in 2015, I applied to attend a local community college. Right when the semester started, my father became very ill and I never showed back up due to me now being the person who had become financially responsible for my family. I had attended two classes and made the dumb decision of believing that they would drop me on their own. Two years later, I applied to another community college after my father had passed away and I moved to another city. I had full intentions of staying at this CC for a full two years until I was kicked out of the place I was living and now had to move in with my mother in a city that was three hours away from the CC I was attending. I withdrew from the courses and began to attend another CC in my new city. Now I am in the process of applying for CSU’s and have had to send in for transcripts from other schools I attended. The first CC gave me two W’s and two FW’s, meaning that two instructors dropped one and two others did not. The other school gave me W’s since I withdrew, but they are saying that they have no record of me withdrawing from the third course even though I withdrew from the other two at the same exact time and they have record of that and I was given an F. In my current school, I have a 3.21 GPA and am in the honor society. I have worked so hard to get to this point, being the first person in my family to attend college and now I am scared that all the past trauma I have dealt with is going to dictate the rest of my life. I’ll be graduating the spring of 2021 with my first degree and I am so terrified that I am not going to get into the school of my choice, Humboldt State University. I don’t want to be a waitress forever and I am sure I could have handled situations differently back then, but I was young and life was really difficult then. I don’t even have the opportunity to explain these things in my applications since they do not require essays.
Has anyone been through something similar? And still been admitted into college? I have petitioned for grade changes and academic renewals, but if those don’t work, will all my dreams of attending a four year and going to graduate school be dashed away? Any advice or similar stories that lead to success will be appreciated, because I am terrified. PLEASE HELP!

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You story is more common than you think.

If your GPA is back up that high, you have worked really hard and are back on the right path. Since HSU isn’t impacted, your GPA shouldn’t be a problem there. Finish the pre-reqs with passing grades and get on with your education - however far you want to take it.

Good luck.