Baits II

<p>Just got my housing contract and:</p>

<p>BAITS II</p>

<p>Room\Apartment Details:

<p>I was hoping I'd get a dorm in central campus since I got into LSA but I don't think it'd be THAT bad riding the bus everyday to get to class. I was also sorta hoping for a roommate...but oh well... And it seems like a lot of people got into Hills area... I just hope I get a nice hall mate...</p>

<p>Can anyone tell me more about how it is? I saw in one thread that it's very unfriendly and private... And that there's no dining hall so then I'd have to eat in other residence halls (which is a bit inconvenient) </p>

<p>Oh anyone else who got Baits II? It'd be nice to get to know some other freshies before I move in...</p>

<p>im in baits II too..i would have preferred central/hill but im not complaining..hopefully we can have a blast up north!</p>

<p>Ive had a bunch of friends live in Baits, and not a single one has enjoyed it. There really is nothing good about the dorm. Like you mentioned, small halls with only like 5 other doors, kind of restricts the socializing in some ways. I think the rooms are a lil smaller too.</p>

<p>I'm not really worried about the room size and location--I'll just have to deal with it, but...I am a little bit worried about the social scene...But how bad can it be right? :S Hopefully we'll get to know each other and get along...</p>

<p>yeah..i dont really care about the room size and just worried about the socializing and party life...hopefully.."fingers crossed"..everything will be fine..</p>

<p>I'm in the exact same situation as you.
Baits II single, and I'm an LSA student.
One of my friends that goes there now says that getting a bus to Central can really be a huge pain... so I'm pretty nervous about that.
But I'm actually excited about having a single. I did a summer program at one university for several weeks and I hated having a roommate, even though I liked her as a person.</p>

<p>I was actually considering riding the bike to central campus since the bus only runs til like 12am or something? But then it might be snowing a lot and might be a little unsafe to ride the bike in the snow...</p>

<p>And I guess if a lot of people are willing to socialize (like me!) then it should be fine...</p>

<p>I'm also in Baits II, but I'm in a double room. I'm excited about having a private bathroom, but bummed about being on north campus and not having a dining hall in the dorm.</p>

<p>and MJ09 - I don't know if you live in Michigan or not, but riding a bike in the winter here would probably be really dangerous.</p>

<p>I'm a Baits I alum, and I have to say you should stay away from either Baits if possible. The social scene is pretty dead up there, especially compared to dorms like Bursley or anything on Central.</p>

<p>Regarding riding your bike from North - it's completely safe, and often faster than the bus. The paths are cleared pretty quickly in the winter too. The only downside is you can get wet after a snow / rain if you don't have a good pair of fenders. If you're into mountain biking, there's a really cool mountain bike trail behind Baits I (jumps, etc...) that spits you out onto Fuller Rd. - perfect for commuting to class.</p>

<p>I'm in Baits II, Large Single (I don't know why I got that though).</p>

<p>Yeah I think I'll just stick to riding the bus... <em>sigh</em> REALLY hope that I'll be able to make some friends at Baits...</p>

<p>buses run till 2:30ish am if i remember correctly.</p>

<p>I got Baits II (single) so at least that's a good thing but... eh hopefully the social scene gets better than what we've been hearing about.</p>


<p>How do students happen not to get their hall selection?
Late turning in application?</p>


How do students happen not to get their hall selection?
Late turning in application?


<p>For all people who turn the app in before the deadline, halls are assigned using a lottery system. People with a better number are more likely to get their first choices (usually central/hill). So it's basically luck of the draw.</p>

<p>If you turn it in late, you also get a lower priority but I don't really know how that process works.</p>


<p>Lottery system, then how do most freshmen end up in one hall, I thought they did consider ones being a freshmen.</p>

<p>I have a single at Baits I .... I actually chose to stay there, but its starting to sound like it wont be so easy.</p>

<p>baits II substance free single , hmm</p>

<p>Well I guess we make it what it is. I think we will have a good time :)</p>

<p>By the way, what's the difference between Baits I and Baits II? Are they the same just in 2 buildings or...?</p>