Balanced College List

I’m a Senior in high school, first generation going to college. I am planning on applying to Cal States and UCs, but I am unsure of whether or not I am making a balanced list. I don’t know how to use my stats to figure out what my “safety, target, reach” schools are. I want to apply for a psychology major.

I am a California resident. I have a 3.7 unweighted, 4.2 weighted, and 4.25 UC capped weighted GPA. I am #5 of my class out of 402. However, I have unfortunately gotten 2 C’s, one in history and another in chemistry. By the end of high school I will have taken 4 AP classes and 7 College classes with my local community college.

For extra curriculars, I have had several leadership roles in my robotics team, including president and historian/documentation. I have also had leadership roles in my school’s Women in Engineering Club and Femineers Club. Last summer I had an internship with a big engineering/space company. I am part of a STEM organization for low income and first gen students, I do community service and summer programs with them.
Clearly, I have done a lot in the field of engineering and nothing for psychology, which is what I want to major in. Is that bad? I’m really upset about that.

Sorry for that long message, but in short I believe myself to be an average student, and these are the schools I have on my list currently. Any thoughts?
Cal State Fullerton (target)
Cal State Long Beach (reach)
Cal State Dominguez Hills (safety)
San Diego State (reach) or Northridge (target)
UC San Diego (reach) -dream school :frowning:
UC Riverside (target/reach)
UC Santa Cruz (reach)
UC Irvine or Davis (both reach)

UC Capped weighted = CSU Capped weighted GPA so based on your GPA, HS course rigor and EC’s (even if not major related), I would categorize your chances below:

CSUDH: Safety
CSUN: Low Match/Low Target

UCR/UCSC: Match/Target
UCD/UCI: High Match/High Target
UCSD: Low Reach/High Target

Your GPA makes you competitive for all the schools on your list. Since test scores (may or may not be considered for the UC’s), it is difficult to determine how the schools will admit this year but you have a balanced college list as long as you are willing to attend any of these schools.

Best of luck.

Your list looks fine to me - in a normal year, UCSD would be the only reach on your list. This year, UCI and UCD are probably a coin toss.

you might want to also apply to a couple of privates - LMU and USD for example, they are likely to offer you merit money which will bring them in line with UC costs.

good lucl

Thank you @Gumbymom, I just need to make sure I work on perfecting my UC Insight Questions.

@NCalRent I have been afraid of applying to private schools because of their expensive nature, but I will start researching that. Thank you!

Note that CSUN and CSULB have strong local area preferences.