Balding at 22.

<p>So im 22 years old and I think im going bald. It seems the entire top of my head is thinning, the hair just breaks off, but doesnt really come out with the roots, it just breaks as its so thin. Ive always had thinner hair, my mother does also, but I never thought id go bald this early. My gradfather, my mothers father is not fully bald but has some hair loss but it happened to him when he was 45 and he is now 75. Im only 22.</p>

<p>I used to use garnier fructise and then read about 6 months ago that it could cause hairloss, so I changed to A Panteene Pro V. That helped alot as it mousterizes alot. I shampoo everyday as when I sleep i get bad cow licks. I also take 2 showers a day, maybe this could be a problem.</p>

<p>What do you guy's think.</p>

<p>shampoo your hair only once a day.</p>

<p>stop pulling at it.</p>

<p>you're under too much stress.</p>

<p>stop thinking about it.</p>

<p>now, a receding hairline is something else..</p>

<p>I dont think its receding, just thinning/</p>

<p>thank goodness star trek the next generation made a bald head sexy.... Buy some high necked shirts and wander about saying "make it so".. and "engage".</p>

<p>:) I kidd, i kidd. If your hair worries you, take it off. It's not a bad look these days.</p>

<p>Hmmm I understand how you feel. I have trichotillomania and I am 16.</p>

<p>I'm not sure how to help a guy out though. Good luck! Use some creative genius.</p>

<p>Eat a balanced diet and stop stressing. Wash your hair once a day (your actually supposed to do it every other day, but that's just gross for most people). If you go to a salon and talk to them, they can recommend a shampoo that will help keep as much hair from falling out (it's expensive, but my mom used it when she was under a lot of stress and hair was falling out and it really helped her hair), but I think it only helps if it is due to environmental/hormone/stress. It's something worth trying.</p>

<p>Is your hair coming out in clumps (or even more than usual) or has it just been slowly getting thinner over the past few years?</p>

<p>wash your hair every other day! washing it in excess strips it of the vitamins it needs to stay attached to your head. after all, it is dead. haha.</p>

<p>unless you are like really active and sweat a lot. or have short hair (> 1 in.). </p>

<p>but even so, even just rinsing your hair in between days when you shampoo will help.</p>

<p>Balding? Dude, that sucks...</p>

<p>well 22 is pretty old.. not :/</p>

<p>OKgirl, no not clumps, just a hair here and there.</p>

<p>Stop stressing about it (easy to say, hard to do). I started thinning out at 22-23, admitted it at 25, got a hairpiece (Hair Club for Men, I kid you not) at 28 (and was married by then - balding does not mean unsexy). Finally gave up on the hairpieces last year (my wife and kids had been asking me when I was going to do it for at least a year or two previously) and look back and imagine what I could have done with the money I spent. </p>

<p>Shampoos don't work, Rogaine does for many but you can't stop using it, and surgery is expensive and doesn't always work. A shaved head wasn't cool when I was your age (unless you were Yule Bremmer (sp?) or Telly Savalas. Now it's a fashion statement. Enjoy it.</p>

<p>I tried Rogaine for the first time today, I had some really bad side effects.</p>

<p>I remember a friend a mine the same age had the same problem. He tried rogaine and so mane other things. Eventually he just said screw it, and just went and shaved his head. Now he doesnt have to worry about it anymore.</p>

<p>Dude. I say shave it. It's awesome look anyway. Unless you look scrawny. </p>

<p>Eat a lot, and hit the weight room. You'll look good.</p>

<p>shave it. I have a full head of hair, and I was about to shave it during winter break. I decided against it because I hate the cold, and it would have probably been worse without hair. But otherwise, I'll eventually shave it off. I think it's a bad-ass look.</p>

<p>I'm 18, and my hairline is receding. :(
I'm still contemplating shaving it. Maybe after a while.</p>