Baldwin Honors

<p>Much happy dancing here last Thursday as news of admit and Baldwin Honors scholarship and Honors Program news appeared festooned with balloons on the Drew website. Any current, recent honors program students or their parents have stories to share about this program? Makes Drew look pretty sweet at this point.</p>

<p>Congrats!! That's great. An honor and $$ too! My lovely Daughter also received a nice merit award, making Drew very attractive. I'm also wondering about Drew. I'd love to hear the good, the bad, the whole truth.</p>

<p>My daughter is also accepted into Baldwin Honors, and we are deciding between Fordham and Drew. She really wants to be in the city, and Drew is 20 minutes from home, but there is a lot to recommend it: small classes, dedicated professors, a beautiful campus. My much older daughter graduated from Drew 10 years ago. I will admit, things have changed in that time. It was harder to get into back then, and there were no business or education departments, historically the "easy" majors. SAT scores no longer required, and a movement to include more under-served kids -- so the rumor is that it isn't the school it was back then. That is what is concerning me. We will attend admitted students day (hear it is 3/3 -- only because I called, no word sent out, which I find strange), and have her sit in on at least two classes.
There is a phenomenal combined medical program that is very rigorous, but the 80+% acceptance rate overall has me skeptical about how it will serve my daughter in the job market (can't beleive I'm saying that because I hate thinking of college as vocational training, but with college costs and unemployment, who doesn't think of that?). Older daughter took advantage of UN semester, which she loved, but commuted from home so I have no idea of the dorms these days. Drew is home to the Shakespeare Theatre of NJ, which older daughter interned with and eventually worked for, propelling her into a career as a talent agent in NYC. Younger daughter has also volunteered with the Shaekspeare Theatre. Drew looks like the classic college campus. I visited most weekends in the 70s because I went to school up the street and had a close friend there. Always had a rep for wealthy boarding school kids (plus Woody Allen's young wife!) -- don't know typical student now.
My daughter has a 4.15 weighted GPA, 2120 on SAT (National Merit commended student), leadership on Lit Mag and Photo Club, awards for poetry and photography. Will major in psych, philospohy or languages.
How about your kids, momneeds2no and NEmom1?</p>

<p>I don't think I can leave link but college prow ler gives some basic reviews..I also used U N I G O years ago.
I didn't like most review sites but those helped a bit.</p>

<p>Very impressed by Accepted Students Day.</p>

<p>My son is a Freshman at Drew. He is in the Baldwin Honors program. Can I answer any questions?</p>

<p>Would love to hear about your son's experience with Baldwin Honors as well as general social feel of campus. Has he/ will he do internship? Does honors program create smaller sense of community? My S appreciated unpretentiousness of Drew but definitely loves a good intellectual debate if not argument.</p>

<p>I have not had enough "posts" so I am not allowed to answer private messages yet so I will answer here.
My son is a nerdy, gaming, intellectual.
Like your son, he was admitted right into the Baldwin Honors Program.
As far as his classes go, he is at the top and finds that there are a lot of
kids that are getting barely passing grades...especially in the sciences.
Socially, he is put off by the immaturity of the students around him. But, I am sure that he would find that on any campus...he does not smoke or drink or do any drugs and he couldn't stand that in HS either. There are lots of clubs and he found one that he enjoys and is already on officer!
As far as the Baldwin Honors program goes, the courses that are offered are not always on things that he is interested in. He will have his major and is on the pre-med track, and that adds about 5 extra courses that he would not normally take, so combined with the mandatory Baldwin Honors courses it can be frustrating. But he realizes that it will make him a more well rounded scholar and it will be worth it in the long run.
But.....that being said, he really does love it there.
He came from a very rigorous high school, took all AP/Honors classes, got straight A's and was "one of the pack"
At Drew, he has found that the professors are phenomenal and they really appreciate his intellect. They are willing to go the extra mile for him and give him lots of extras and even allow him to do independent study (which he loves)
We live only about a half hour from Drew. He lives on campus. This has been a wonderfully easy transition...apart from the first week, which was hideous!!!
The only thing that I have to say, is you have to know your child...what he can live with and what will be a good fit.
A few of the kids from his high school went 4 -6 hours away. They came back during spring break and did not return to school.
It is def shlubby....but it is comfortable and homey and a great place for my son.
I hope this helps!
Edit: He will do an internship at Morristown Hospital emergency room. Great opportunity! He will also do a semester abroad. Does the honors pro create a smaller sense of community...I think so..there are also Living, Learning Freshman Colloquiums that foster that sense of community. Worth looking into.</p>

<p>Oh thank you! This was really helpful. He'll do one more visit there but not on admitted day as there is conflicting event.</p>