Ball State University vs. Indiana University

Hello, everyone.

I have a quick question. As you probably already saw by the discussion title, I am a little bit torn between schools. I’ve been accepted into many schools, but, long story short, I thought I had my mind set on Indiana University. As a future Computer Science major, I’ve heard wonderful reviews about the School of Informatics in Bloomington, Indiana. (Before this question gets asked, because it probably will… yes, I did get accepted into Purdue, but I was declined the Computer Science major). However, I recently received a letter in the mail from Ball State University. A few months back I submitted an application. They recently accepted me and gave me the Presidential Scholarship ($18,000 divided between 4 years) to my surprise. I’ve heard wonderful things about Ball State, though it doesn’t get talked about as much as IU, especially in the Indianapolis area. So, that’s where I am at now.

(Obviously, this is posted in the Ball State area of the website, so I will be getting more pro-BSU people. I will be posting this in IU’s forums as well to sort of even the field)

I am still leaning towards Indiana University relatively heavily, as I know that I will be able to pay for it, even if it means graduating with a little more debt. I tried to look up information about Ball State’s Computer Science program, and I hardly found anything, even on their own website.

All I am wondering is what your opinion is on this situation. All biased aside, which school would you think would be the best fit for a Computer Science major, and which school do you prefer overall?

If you attended either of these schools, your input is even more recommended.

PS, if you are/have been a Computer Science major in either of these schools, or you know people that are/have been, those opinions would be heavily recommended as well.

Thank you!

I posted a comment on the Indiana forum.