Bama Bound Transcripts

<p>S is going to bama bound 5/31-6/1.
Does my S need to send in his AP scores prior to Bama Bound?
His score of 5 on AP Calc BC gave him college credits at Cal State Fullerton.
Should he transfer those credits before Bama Bound as well?
I am ordering a shuttle from Birmingham airport to T-town at 5:00pm May 30th.
We have 2 students so far, if we find a 3rd it should be $45 each.
Let me know=)</p>

<p>IIRC DSs scores weren't ready before Bama Bound, just schedule based on what you think the results will be. Use the AP chart from the catalog to see exactly what he places out of.</p>

<p>Arrange for his scores to be sent when he takes AP tests this month and UA will get them this summer. AL34 is correct that students should choose courses based on the assumption that they will pass their AP tests.</p>

<p>Since your already knows that he has a 5 on his APCal BC, he's fine. He can sign up for whatever he wants. Is he going to skip Cal I and Cal II? </p>

<p>Did your son indicate Alabama as his school when he took his AP Classes during the last week? If so, Bama will receive all of his scores in July. </p>

<p>What is your son's major?</p>

<p>If junior year AP scores were sent w/ HS transcripts do you have to have them resent? If your child did not elect to have them sent to UA for senior year, how do you go about getting them there?

<p>Junior year AP scores will be included with senior year AP scores.</p>

<p>My daughter took 3 AP tests last week and requested that her scores be sent to Alabama. She took 1 AP test last year (she didn't request that one to be sent anywhere). Will the CollegeBoard send all 4 scores together to Alabama? Or do we have to tell them separately to send the 1 test score from last year?</p>

<p>ETA: OK, looks like Seatide answered my question above.</p>

<p>I spoke with the College Board AP folks son had same situation...took 2 AP last year and didnot send them in....taking 3 this year and is having those sent to Bama. What I was told is that if they fill out the information section this year EXACTLY like they did last year the socres from last year will be merged with this years and sent together. </p>

<p>If they put a middle intial this year and didnt last year, or if they put their SS# on it last year and not this year, or if they use the shortened version of their first name one year and not the other, ie Chris vs Christopher, the scores from last year willnot merge and willnot be sent. The only way you will know is when you get the score report this summer showing what is on it and what was sent. </p>

<p>While on the phone with AP guy, I decided it's easier to just pay the $15 and have last years sent now.....they took my credit card and did it for me. You will need to have last years AP score report with you to give them the AP # for your S or D...hope this is helpful.</p>

<p>I have no idea if my kids were careful to put their info in the same all 3 years of taking AP exams....but all scores got sent. </p>

<p>I would wait til mid-July, see what scores Bama has uploaded (Collegeboard electronically sends the scores and then Bama must upload them into their system.) If at that point, not all AP show up, then pay to sent the rest.</p>