My son signed up for the concert symphony when he pre-registered for his classes during merit weekend. He wanted to challenge himself and really enjoys playing concert music. He is a trumpet. Anyone know or have any experience with auditioning for this band or really any of the bands? Especially for a non-major?

Sorry for the late reply, you’ve probably figured everything out by now seeing as auditions have already passed. I’m assuming you are talking about the concert band—there are three bands at Kentucky, the Wind Symphony, Symphony Band, and Concert Band, which are the “A”, “B”, and “C” bands at Kentucky respectively. However, the concert band does not require auditions, and in my experience, was always looking for trumpeters.

Tell your son to contact the trumpet professor, Jason Dovel, about getting on the email lists about auditions and trumpet events. In addition to the bands, guest artists routinely come through campus and give masterclasses, lessons, and performances. While I was at UK, the Canadian Brass, Allen Vizzutti, and many others came through—hope he enjoys Kentucky! I had an amazing experience there.