banging my head

<p>on my desk.
damn you telebears. screwed once again.
lol i'm signed up for 6 units. sheeeeesh</p>

<p>keep your head up :)</p>

<p>what are you trying to get into?</p>

<h2>Came in to ask which band you had playing.</h2>

<p>Yeah, I got a tad shafted by Telebears this semester...bloody EE100 lab.</p>

<p>you always have the weirdest thread titles, lol.</p>

<p>Telebears is responsible for 50% of my life's plight.</p>

<p>Haha I always hear everyone complaining about telebears, but I've really had no problems as an incoming freshman. Got all the classes I wanted at all the most preferred time slots. </p>

<p>Does it really get worse later on? D:</p>

<p>dude, you really should have declared.</p>

<p>i declared in the spring, and have had zero issues getting into what I want.</p>

<p>I guess the only option for you is to plead your case to the professors of the classes you want to get into.</p>

<p>@Handlebars It might...depends on how many units you came in with, and what you want to major in, etc. I didn't have any issues for freshman year, but I had a bunch of problems sophomore year.</p>

<p>Handlebars---as a freshman, I got into all my classes, no problem, for the entire year. This year, as a sophomore, my major's still the same. I'm taking the same kind of courses (social sciences and whatnot, mix of lower and upper divs). Currently enrolled in 4 units and waitlisted another 4. After my Phase II next week, will probably be waitlisted for the other 8. ...</p>

<p>1) I like to keep it interesting. =) Boring titles are a dime a dozen.
2) I wished I had known ahead of time that IB forces people to declare within the first eight weeks. Silly and annoying rule in my opinion.
3) I'm just trying to get into anything right now because literally every class I want or need is high waitlist/full. What the hell is the point of this system if I can't even get into a lower div big class?
4) Anyone know anything about 131 and waitlists? It's in wheeler so it's pretty huge. They should be able to take a lot of people right?</p>

<p>Wait, arduouspallor, I thought Telebears times were determined by the number of units one has accumulated. If that is the case, then why is your Phase II next week when most freshmen had theirs a while ago? I'm confused now.</p>


<p>@jbtheeunknown and arduouspallor</p>

<p>So do you know if it's because other sophomores have better telebears times than you, or is it because juniors and seniors are taking the classes that you want?</p>

<p>I'm coming in with 82.5 units of AP/IB/community college credit (I'm guessing that there aren't many freshman with more credits than I have). Do you think that will be enough to get me a decent telebears time to get into classes like econ 100A in the spring? </p>

<p>Since I'm planning on double majoring, I have all my classes planned out and I would be sad if it didn't work out :(</p>

<p>82.5 units? you are going to have really really great telebears appointments all 4 years lol. Will probably still have to waitlist some things, but getting into Econ upper divs really isn't a problem.</p>

<p>Telebears is determined by the number of Berkeley units you have accumulated. Those determine which class level your Telebears appointment will be and everyone in the same group will then be assigned a date based on transferable AP credits.</p>

<p>Batman: IB 131
540 student(s) are enrolled, with a limit of 732 and 206 student(s) are on the waiting list, with a limit of 250.

I'd say all 206 students might get in considering the lack of students who fit one of the open requirement are not opting to take this class. It will be in your favor to talk to an IB major advisor about declaring now then holding off for later.</p>

<p>^ As in talking to the advisor before school starts or when it starts?</p>

<p>Another question, is Econ 2 still offered or has that class been canceled?</p>

<p>singh2010 -- I think they give freshman priorities over undeclared sophomores (like me) in phase II. My freshman fall phase II was like July 20-odd something, and my sophomore fall phase II is August 3rd.</p>

<p>Handlebars -- I think it's juniors/sophomores who have earlier phase IIs than me, because the classes I've been watching filled over the past week or so, when junior transfers and my fellow sophomores (who have more units than me) had their Phase IIs.</p>

<p>Declaring this fall ... hopefully now Telebears will be my friend.</p>

<p>Do engineers have it pretty good when it comes to scheduling?
That's been my general experience. On the other hand, I'll have eight hours of lab per week this fall...</p>

<p>Well you guys are in your own college and are pretty much competing for classes with a smaller size. For people like me in LS, I'm not only competing against people in whatever my major is, but also fighting against people in other "similar" majors. (Though I guess with IB, the semi good thing about it is that they reserve spots for the students in the major now).</p>

<p>Poor batman :-(</p>