Bank of America Student Leaders 2021

Congratulations :tada:

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Nope haven’t heard anything- kind of worried

dw!! we’ll probably hear tmo

For the most part, most of us found out first from the BofA Foundation then we got a phone call from the local coordinator for BofA.

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Nope- I heard that they conducted interviews a few years ago, but I’m not sure if they still do because Covid. Really hoping they didn’t interview this year.

What email did they use to send you the message…just so I can check specifically tomorrow ?

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anyone heard of anything from the detroit market? also for all of y’all who got accepted, congrats! what do you think made you stand out in admissions, if you don’t mind me asking?

hey @studentscholar did you get anything from the Philly market yet?

Congratulations to everyone who got in !!! Has anyone heard from the silicon valley market?

No, I haven’t heard anything yet! I’m really nervous. Lemme know if you get something!

Yeah I will let you know!! Does anyone know what time the results come out?

or what email account it’s sent by? Also, for those who have been accepted, what does the subject line say? Thank you!

i haven’t heard anything either, do you know if anyone in silicon valley got interviews b/c i didn’t

I’m not sure if there’s a specific time since some people already got their decisions, but last year they sent out results at 10:15 AM EST. probably different for each market though.

Thanks for the update, I will make sure to be on the lookout near 10:15 am, if not I will post the time that I received the email and my market.

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good luck to everyone today! congrats if you do get in, but otherwise remember that if one door closes another one opens!


Has anyone been notified yet? Also, were there interviews for the Long Island market?

Daughter is an applicant from central VA (Charlottesville); no news yet.

Did not get any interviews.

Not notified yet. Richmond Market.