Bank of America Student Leaders 2021

I don’t see one of these for this year so I made this one for everyone applying this year!


This is the first time I’m applying btw

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Hi, it’s my first time applying as well. Do you know where I can find my request id?

Does anybody know how competitive the Essex County market in NJ is?

Hi. I’m also planning on applying.

Hi, I’m also applying as well. Does anyone know who competitive the Columbia market is in SC?

hey this is also my first time applying. does anyone know how competitive the detroit market is in michigan?

This is also the first time I’m applying - good luck to everyone! Just a quick clarification: if you’re a junior applying, what are you supposed to say for “University or college the student will be attending in the fall of this year?” on the application?

do y’all know how to find out what host organizations are tied to your market

i just searched up "bank of america student leaders my market area and it pulled up a bunch of articles with the organization my market worked with. maybe this will also work for you?

I did the same, but all the articles were from 2014 or earlier.

I think you should put fall if u are currently a senior

But what do you say if you are a junior? Because obviously I don’t know what college I will be going to

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Hi everyone! 2020 BofA SL here.
I just wanted to pop in real quick and say that Y’ALL GOT THIS.
Real human beings get into the program (I speak from experience) and every single one of you is worthy.
Give the essays your best shot, and don’t worry about the outcome because everything else is out of your control.
Good luck!!


@TheRose21 real encouragement right here

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quick question! should i try to be really close to the word limit on every single essay? one of my essay’s is in at about 980-1,010 words and I’m not sure if that’s okay or not.

wait… I hope you mean characters ( there are only 1000 and 2000 character essays)


Hi guys, im applying in the NC Triangle, i wish you all luck <3

Good luck everyone! We got this : ) (also if anyone knows how competitive the Silicon Valley Market is, that would be awesome)


hii good luck guys! i’m also a first time applicant and i kind of wanna know how competitive the nyc market is and how many students on average apply :smiley: