Bank of America Student Leaders

Hi! I’m applying for Bank of America SL this year but I’m kind of hesitant to actually apply. I know it’s a wonderful opportunity but if I did this, i wouldn’t have time to do anything else because it takes up 8 weeks. Has anyone who attended in a previous year been able to ask time off or switch around some dates? And what days did you work was it just in June and July or did it include May and August? I’m trying to figure out dates because I’m planning a trip with some friends and I’m from a relatively uncompetitive area so there’s a high chance that I may get this internship.
Thank you!

I did it last year.

Taking time off all depends on your market leader. I asked for two weeks off for another summer program and they said no, but I met people in DC who told me they took up to 3 weeks off their internships.

I would apply for the hell of it. Considering its acceptance rate is pretty low, send in the application and don’t worry about any schedule conflicts just yet. If you get in, figure it out then.

Plus, if you just want to miss a few days for a vacation I don’t think any market will have issues with that, so go for it. And, the dates also all depend on your market. That July 8thish week in DC was week 1 for some and week 8 for others. It was week 4 for me.


Do you remember how long your essays were? The requirement says 1000 characters maximum which seems short

Did you have an interview? What was it like?

How was the interview process like? What were the questions? I feel like I had a great application, but I am scared of the interview.