<p>Does anyone know which banks are closest to the Brown campus? Would be nice for son to set up an account at home and then be able to use same bank over there.</p>


<p>2 Sovereign Banks along Thayer St. That's the one my family went with. In the larger mailing that came with the Dew Breaker, there is a paper that mentions which banks are recommended.</p>

<p>There are also Bank of America ATMs in the book store and a Bank of America at the Providence Place Mall and up on Hope Street near CVS and Festival Ballet Providence.</p>

<p>This question will show I haven't read the fine print, but does the declining balance card allow you to withdraw money from an ATM? Or is it just for purchases at certain places like the bookstore? I wondered if a separate bank account is needed?</p>

<p>I believe that declining balance is only accepted in a few places and does not permit withdrawing. I don't know anyone who uses it, actually. A separate bank account is most likely needed.</p>

<p>Thanks! That's what I needed to know.</p>

<p>During orientation, the three major banks (Citizens, Sovereign, BofA) have reps on campus and you can open an account. All 3 offer some sort of gift for opening the account (at least, they did in prior years -- my daughter got a camp chair). You can compare account features and locations and open an account when you get to Providence.</p>

<p>^I forgot about that, fireandrain. I opened my account over the summer, but I thought it seemed very convienient to have reps come on campus (plus free gifts)! Last year, banks gave out free ipod stereos.</p>

<p>My daughter uses B of A because there is one close to home as well as the ATMs on Thayer Street. It seemed to be a good idea to have a bank with branches in many places so that she could use it when she came home (summer jobs) and could keep it if and when she eventually lived somewhere else entirely, although of course she could open a totally new account. In addition, there have been times when we had to deposit money for her in her account, and it was really easy because we could just walk down the street.</p>

<p>ditto fransglish, and it was easy to transfer money to her online</p>

<p>What does a student need to open a new bank account? An id and a check from work or parents?</p>