<p>For those who make money on campus; what do you do with it?</p>

<p>That sounds stupid, but the bank I'm currently with (for savings, checking, etc) isn't relatively near campus; and neither are their ATMs. So I was considering opening an account somewhere closer, at TD or BoA or something.</p>

<p>Is there anywhere safe to store money that's made on campus? I thought about direct deposit from a job or something; but what random cash from gambling (LOL) or something?</p>

<p>Well, I know that there is one ATM in the Busch Campus Center that doesn't charge anything for withdrawals from other banks, so that helps.</p>

<p>Depositing is an issue I haven't come across, though.</p>

<p>slightly off topic, but -- koto, which ATM is that? (There's both Wachovia and PNC in BCC, right?) I didn't know that it didn't charge anything...that would have saved me the trouble of going to SAC every time I wanted to withdraw something.</p>

<p>The one to the right. I think it's the PNC one.</p>

<p>koto, which bank are you a part of if you don't mind my asking? i also thought that the pnc bank didn't charge other bank users, since it never charges me, but one of my friends who is a bank of america member got charged for using a pnc bank atm.</p>

<p>I think it depends on the other bank's policy not PNC. Some banks will pick up the fee if you use another bank's ATM (I think Valley Bank does).</p>