<p>Could anyone provide information as to what banks are in the local area, as well as which banks have ATMs on campus.</p>

<p>chase, wells fargo, and bank of america have atms on campus (ackerman)</p>

<p>University Credit Union is also on campus, they have a branch in Ackerman, and an ATM in DeNeve. Wells Fargo also has ATMs all over campus including in the dorms.</p>

<p>UCU has ATM's all over campus too, and there usually isn't line (as there often is for the other ATM's)</p>

<p>(Another UCU plug lol) If your bank or credit union is part of the Co-Op network, you can use the UCU ATM's without paying fees. They seem to be the most prevalent kind of ATM on campus and on the Hill.</p>

<p>Thanks for info--unfortunately I am from the east coast so the Universitiy Credit union is not a great option. Are there multiple Chase and Bank of america ATMs on campus or only at Ackerman?</p>

<p>I truly appreciate the info</p>

<p>There are multiple - I know there's a bank of ATM's up in the North Campus quad next to the NC student store.</p>

<p>Being OOS, you'll probably be going through LAX pretty often, and they have BoA ATMs there, which is really nice to not pay the fees. UCU isn't that bad; just open a savings account there, and have a BoA account elsewhere, withdraw from BoA and deposit into UCU.</p>

<p>There's a Bank of America a couple blocks south of campus, lol. Do whatever major withdrawals from there.</p>

<p>Unless you need to make a deposit (or prefer to use cash), you can pretty much get by with just using cards around campus and Westwood. I think I've only used the ATMs a handful of times in my whole 4 years. Ackerman is in a pretty central location, so you'll most likely pass by it (or be very close to it) at least a few times a week, if not everyday. The Ackerman ATMs were more than convenient enough for me the few times I needed to use them.</p>

<p>If you're trying to pick a bank, BofA is probably the most convenient since they have several ATMs on campus, and the branch is also the closest to campus.</p>

<p>Where is the Wells Fargo atm on the Hill? I haven't noticed any before.</p>

<p>Inside Sproul hall, inside DeNeve, and inside Rieber, all next to their front desks.</p>