Banks on campus

My son will be an incoming student this year. Does anyone know which bank is on campus? I want to make sure he has access to a bank that doesn’t charge a fee each time a withdrawal is made at the ATM. Thanks.

My D graduated in 2018. She never got a local bank. I don’t know that she really used atm much at all. She deposited any checks she needed to with her phone and used direct deposit for her jobs. Most purchases were credit or debit cards. They used Venmo a lot to transfer money among friends. Her home bank was key bank and I don’t recall seeing a bunch of atm charges on her account.

I go back and forth with my high school seniors on this one.

I get the whole idea of not wanting to pay an ATM fee.

But my own children got accounts in banks close to home. Sure, they paid the occasional ATM fee. But, to tell you the truth, kids don’t rely on cash nearly as much as we do. They debit, they Venmo, they do their banking online.

What was much more important to me was that I have the ability to put money into their account easily from home. So, while they use different banks, I have easy access to both accounts. If I deposit a check into either account, the money is available right away-- as opposed to me mailing them a check, and having it go in as an out of state check.

For us at least, that far outweighs the ATM fee issue.

ETA-- but I just hit google and found you this:

If you get an account from Schwab, they reimburse ATM fees. This is helpful if they study abroad, as you can use this feature in other countries as well.