<p>Hi, I was wondering what banks are available around UCSD. Are there banks on campus or do we need to get out of the campus to get to banks? </p>

<p>Where would you recommend I open my account? Also, are there any special discounts for UCSD students?</p>

<p>theres a couple atms on campus, i'm not sure what companies they have though--i didn't see citibank at the little atm sectino outside</p>

<p>i saw a bank of america one...</p>

<p>of the ATMs on campus, the only bank I remember is BofA (mine).</p>

<p>EDIT: Ew busdrivin ... totally post-jacked! :P</p>

<p>B of A, Wash Mutual, and Wells Fargo.</p>

<p>USE credit union has a branch located light on the campus (by 6th college) which is very convenient -- although i prefer SDCCU, which does not have a branch on campus but one in TSRI and one in a shopping area in student housing right near UCSD campus -- bank of america and washington mutual i believe also have a branch each, located at a shopping plaza very near the campus</p>

<p>i only saw a wamu atm, but thats prolly kuz i noticed it since it's my bank. sorry for no help.</p>