<p>Just wondering what the closest bank is to the university??? Could someone enlighten me please? Thanks.</p>

<p>Most are across the street or two blocks furthest.</p>

<p>Wells Fargo, Washington Mutual, Union Bank of California, Mission National Bank, Mechanics Bank, Citibank, Bank of the West, Bank of America.</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>There's also a Chase on Shattuck, which isn't that far away (probably 10-15 minute walk from Sproul).</p>

<p>BoA and Wells Fargo are the closest.</p>

<p>And here's the link to all the ATM locations on campus:</p>

<p>Campus</a> ATM Hours and Locations | UC Berkeley - Office of Marketing and Business Outreach</p>

<h1>1 thing I like about Cal - all the helpful students. Thank you.... I'm nervous about sending my youngest up there. This makes me feel much better. :-)</h1>


<p>thats where i get that straight cash</p>

<p>hahahahaha............ Very funny......</p>

<p>momfirst -- no worries. I thought my mom was going to end up in an institution! I had to call her every day first year so she'd know I wasn't lying dead in some ravine somewhere!</p>

<p>Hahahahaha..... And I'm sending a son! A totally awesome, good kid with a great head on his shoulders.... Aren't I pathetic?? haha</p>