"Banned Books" reading at Shimer College, October 4

<p>Shimer</a> College and Chicago Read Out: Liberate Banned Books</p>

<p>Thursday, October 4, 6:45 – 8pm</p>

<p>Shimer College, Cinderella Lounge</p>

<p>3424 S. State St.</p>

<p>Shimer College invites Chicago to participate in an evening of short readings from the (sadly) long list of books that have been banned, burned and otherwise barred from the public. Reflecting on the history of book burnings as depicted in The Book Thief, this event coincides with the 30th anniversary of Banned Books Week. Come read from your own favorite once- or currently-threatened book or from one selected by the students, staff and faculty of Shimer. For more information call (312) 235-3529 or email <a href="mailto:s.patterson@shimer.edu">s.patterson@shimer.edu</a>.</p>