<p>Hi fellow CCers.</p>

<p>I just had a quick question about BannerWeb. What exactly is it used for? Whenever I log on it now, as a pre-frosh, nothing really shows up (in terms of my financial aid award, etc). I'm assuming the only things that are supposed to show up are application status and the housing form?</p>

<p>Since my FA doesn't show on Banner, does that mean that my FA isn't official or something?</p>



<p>BannerWeb is generally used for class registration, class evaluations, transcripts, and time sheets for workstudy as well as various forms (such as housing). I have no clue about the FA not showing up on BannerWeb, but wouldn't worry as the system often isn't up to date (lag time between things happening and being posted).</p>

<p>It's also used for taxes and for keeping track of your financial aid and tuition accounts. So right now it wont' show anything because your FA hasn't been distributed to you yet. Once you start paying tuition and actually receiving your aid, it will show more. </p>

<p>Basically anything related to paperwork students regularly need to access is on Bannerweb. McPucks gave a good rundown.</p>

<p>If you received an official letter with all the details from the Financial Aid office, that's about as official as you can get.</p>

<p>Thank you all for the responses. </p>

<p>A follow up question...</p>

<p>When I was at Smith for the Open Weekend for prospies, I went to the FA office to renegotiate my package - Brother was transferring from a public college to a private one, so mom and dad had to dish out more cash for his tuition. Basically, they got back to me and gave me more money (not significantly more, but anything to help my parents is good for me!) and they said that if he transfers, to let them know. </p>

<p>When exactly would that amended package become official? It was sent by email, not by actual postage. When should I send the FA office his enrollment letter? </p>


<p>I would think that common sense says that whenever your brother receives his enrollment letter, you should send it ASAP to the FA office so, with that information, they can confirm your FA package, and your parents will know what to expect.</p>

<p>Sorry to hijack the thread, but around what time do we start getting more official info about financial aid? Like, I already have my aid package that came with my acceptance letter, but I'm wondering when we actually get more info/the bill?</p>

<p>If you guys have any questions about financial aid the best thing to do is to get on the phone and call Student Financial Services. They can guide you through the nitty gritty of this process much better than most of us can. Especially now that it's summer break and things on campus are slightly quieter, it's a good time to call and ask your questions.</p>

<p>CarolynB; thanks for the tip. The person in charge of my re-eval emailed me asking me for a copy of my passport, so I emailed him back telling him I'd send my brother's acceptance letter.</p>

So excited!!!</p>