Bard Acceptances Class of 2025

Can a thread be started for Bard College acceptances?

I’d be into it.

S21 was accepted, one of 4 EA acceptances. Bard’s his current top choice. I do wish there was more chatter about Bard, here. Thanks for starting the thread. Maybe all the Bardians are going to now come out of the woodwork.


My daughter was accepted and very excited about it! Got some merit so that was good too.

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Congrats! Is your D going to keep applying or is Bard “it”?

She’s applied to eleven others and so far 5 for 5, Bard being one. She really likes it but it’s not in her top 3 and was hoping the merit to be more forthcoming.

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My D was accepted EA, and Merit award was excellent. Seriously considering, but never had the chance to visit. She wants to major in Theatre and Performance and trying to find out as much as we can.

@skymomla S21 just told us Bard’s the one. SO we’re going to make it official soon. We haven’t visited either but did a lot of the virtual admissions programming. I’m also familiar with the area, so that helps, too. The student population, pedagogy, and art-filled campus are big draws for S21. From what I gather, it’s a great school for the performing arts. Sarah Lawrence College, too, comes to mind. Good luck to you both. And congrats on the EA accept.

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MY DD was accepted and is very excited (dance/english major). We haven’t had a chance to visit yet (we are on the west coast). We have lots of questions and hope that it’s everything thing she thinks it is! She got a nice merit offer, but it’s still “over budget” so it has to add up. Is there an online group for admitted students?

@sfmomma Hey. Congrats to your family. I believe there is a FB group for admitted students that they can access now. Have her check the portal. I also think soon someone will create an Instagram page, I found the Class of 2024 one, and it was illuminating on the type of student who is into the school. Check it out. We’re very excited.

My daughter was accepted EA, with good merit and we qualify for need-based aid so all in all it’s a very good option. We live a couple hours away and haven’t been able to visit or tour but have a friend who is a senior there. She could stop waiting for other decisions right now and be perfectly happy, I’m sure, but has had another EA acceptance and about ten more RD to wait for. She cast a pretty wide net due to not touring this past spring and summer.

@hardymum an exciting Spring ahead for y’all. 10 more decisions! Best of luck to your daughter. Enjoy the ride.

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