Bard Acceptances Class of 2025

That is sincere effort and outreach!

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Does anyone know the name of the IG accepted students group? My daughter would like to join. Thank you.

Update: she found it. :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know if Bard has announced plans for a full return in the fall?

Hey @bfahopeful! Bard was fully on campus this past year and plans to be in the fall as well.

thanks. I just mean - full in person classes. They have a mixture this year I believe. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Ah. Yes. On that topic I think I recall hearing they are following NYS guidance, but I am not the authority. I’d be interested in knowing for sure, too.

I suppose you’ll get your answer Saturday at the admitted students event!

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thanks - that is true. :slight_smile:

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What did y’all think of yesterday’s program? Did anyone’s student get clarity? I swear, I could listen to Botstein opine on anything. I’m ready to pack up my bags and attend undergrad myself.


How I wish the day didn’t have to be virtual! But it was very creative and interactive. S is going to finalize his top 3 tonight and I expect Bard will be on it after a drive-thru elsewhere yesterday. At this point I’m more concerned about getting out there to visit, and ensuring he’s comfortable with his peers.

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Good luck to your S with the deciding, I recall he has some nice offers to consider.

Thanks! It’s an exciting time for sure. He’s going to attend a couple virtual classes this week, including one for Bard. I recall your S has committed- that must be a great feeling too! You can enjoy all these sessions without scrutiny. :grin:

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Hi All, My kiddo is still struggling with her decision. One of her choices clearly invests in the student experience. It’s obvious in their personalized admissions communications and their immaculate campus (not fancy, just so well-kept). Has anyone else seen the question of “too much attention elsewhere” been addressed? I love all that Bard is involved in, but is that taking attention away from the undergraduate experience? Anyone else with similar concerns? Better yet, why not?

Can you help me understand what you mean by “taking away from the undergraduate experience”? Do you mean Bard’s admissions process has been less personalized and their campus is not as nice as the other school because Bard’s focus is too broad?

Um, yes, sort of. IF (and this is a big IF because we aren’t able to get a complete picture without touring etc) the admissions process and campus condition is indicative of the student experience, then Bard falls short in comparison to some other schools. And, given how much time is spent discussing the other programs Bard is involved in (and I do admire this), does anyone have or not have concerns that these programs serve as a distraction more than the opportunities the present and why?

We’re sifting through details, too, as we prepare to commit, so I’m interested in learning more about your thoughts on Bard’s campus if you’re willing to share.

I have some complicated feelings about this that I may not be able to fully articulate - while the endowment will be tremendously stabilizing in helping Bard do all of the things they set out to do, it enmeshes them further into a global network strongly aligned to social change. This may or may not align with everyone’s idea of service. For my S, work on the Bard farm may be his contribution to fight food insecurity, for others that may be too simple and they appreciate a bigger platform. Superficially, if he could take a class from Neil Gaiman ever year, he’d sign on right now.

The question about whether or not Bard’s focus will be distracted from the Annandale undergrad experience because of all its far-flung projects has come up every year for decades now. I’d say the answer is both yes and no. Because of its wide ranging and global focus, despite being in an isolated upscale lovely pastoral setting, it is not parochial, nor disconnected from the world at large - either through its students or its professors.

Bard is never going to be as groomed and upscale as some other colleges, or elite private high schools. I remember reading a comment at some point of a family who was touring who complained that the sidewalks weren’t kept as clear of ice as at other schools they had visited. Their administrative staff is never going to be as solicitous as some of the colleges which perceive current students as future donating alumni. No chocolate covered strawberries at events, such as at my older son’s college. It’s not their priority to woo the parents in the prospect of sweet donations. That said - the campus is lovely, well tended, laden with interesting outdoor art, the endowment is growing, the administration runs smoothly and competently, they treat the students as thoughtful adults, and they hire the best faculty on the planet, as far as I’m concerned.

As a parent, and a prospective student, one needs to weigh what details about a college seem significant, what matters most, what will bother you in the end, and what seems ultimately trivial.

My Bard student ended up at an Ivy for grad school and I got to witness all the trappings at his graduation. Those trappings meant nothing to him. My older son enjoyed his strawberries and midnight snacks. It is worth weighing what one is looking for in a college - what elements will be most meaningful - either positively or negatively.


We are going for a walking tour next Fri. I’m happy to field any questions or even ask our guide any questions some of you may have. Unfortunately, we won’t be allowed in the buildings. We do intend to take time investigating the area and surrounding towns.

I’m fairly certain Bard will be my daughter’s pick and I am really excited to be done! I’m hoping our visit seals the deal!


My daughter will be there next Thursday/Friday as well. Unfortunately didn’t get a walking tour so will have to drive it. Also think this is it for her choice - fingers crossed she likes the campus and area.