Bard College

<p>What can u guys tell me about this school in NY? Anything will hep. Academics(Political Science), Social life, law school placement, residences halls</p>

<p>very liberal</p>

<p>Some of their students run a funny video site called Uhh.. It's a very good Liberal Arts school. Founded in 1860....umm... most of their students major in visual and performing arts, english language, and social sciences.</p>

<p>I heard they give bad financial aid, I'm not sure.</p>

<p>Financial aid is not the greatest, the campus is somewhat isolated. Great school for the right type of student, be sure to visit.</p>

<p>New conservatory beginning this year, with Richard Goode, Peter Serkin, and Melvin Chow teaching piano. It will be the clear first choice for music majors looking for a single campus joint liberal arts/conservatory program - best in the country from day one.</p>

<p>(For my d., they gave excellent financial aid - both merit and need-based - but she preferred Smith.)</p>

<p>Bard was among my son's favorite schools when he was applying to colleges during the Fall of 2001. I visited with him in Spring 2002 and found the campus to be beautiful and friendly. </p>

<p>It is very, very small and there are no major urban centers for miles around. It would seem that a car would be a necessity to go anywhere but that it would be great place to go to school if you do not mind being in an essentially rural area. </p>

<p>At the time that my son was looking into colleges, Bard had an excellent academic reputation and was known for being strong in visual arts, film and creative writing. The political climate was fairly liberal and the kids seemed individualistic. My son was accepted and might have gone there if his first choice (Brown) had turned him down. It was certainly among his favorite schools after we visited, although coming from an urban area with a warm climate, I do not know if he would have adapted well to winters in such an isolated area. </p>

<p>If you are seriously considering Bard, and you have never lived in a small town, I would strongly suggest that you definetely visit prior to making a final decision to attend there. If you feel that you would not mind the location, it is an awesome place to go to school and very well regarded.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>