Bard Dorms

<p>I was looking for input on freshman dorms at Bard. My son hasn't received his assignment yet but I was interested in whatever information people have.</p>

<p>momw/3sons - check out the Facebook group Bard College 2014. There is a discussion thread on there of the dorms. Dorms are very varied - my son was in what they call a trailer on the North campus and it was fine. The administration did a great job matching him up with a roommate - they are now fast friends and will be living together next year. And his other dormmates were really well suited to him, as well.</p>

<p>D's first year was in the "new toasters" and she found it very convenient for most of what she needed to do (classes, music building, photo studio, library, dining hall) the point where she'd be willing to go back there if that's where housing assigns her when she returns from her study abroad term in the spring. This year, she was in the Village, which was OK but she felt the walls were paper thin in her building (it was listed as a "quiet" building and maybe that's why!). Both were traditional doubles.</p>

<p>I lived in Cruger this past year (my first year) and I loved it. While it's on North Campus, it wasn't too far, the walk was nice (roughly 5-7 minute walk to the dining hall, Kline, though the only times I hated this walk was when it was raining and when there was snow to trudge through), the dorm is nice (one of the larger dorms on campus without being overwhelmingly large, bathrooms are individual, and it looks like a barn), the people were amazing. I don't know about previous years, but Cruger had a very familial feel to it. </p>

<p>Personally, I prefer the North Campus dorms to the South Campus dorms, but I've also heard that people usually stayed close to where they roomed freshman year because of preference. I like the walk, as I've stated before, it's more woodsy and spaced out, I find the dorms tended to be on the nicer side the more north I went (from the Village, which I use as my marker for entering North Campus territory, to Cruger village, which has Cruger, Keen, and the Treehouses, to Old and New Robbins, to Manor House/Annex). But to be fair, I also wasn't a frequent visitor to South Campus other than going to the campus center and class. I do remember being impressed by the closets in the Toasters, though.</p>

<p>I also have found that Bard is more often than not good with matching roommates. I can only think of a few people who I've met who were dissatisfied with their roommate(s). I'm rooming with my roommate again this upcoming year in New Robbins (also on North Campus) and I know a few other kids who are rooming with their current roommate again, as well.</p>