bard vs barnard: writing

<p>i finished two years of undergraduate education at MIT, and decided it wasn't for me either socially or academically. now i've been admitted as a transfer student to both bard and barnard for spring '09 transfer, and will study creative writing regardless of where i matriculate. i think both schools are great, and now i'm trying to pinpoint which one i should attend.</p>

<p>any insights from current students/transfer students/anyone with knowledge of both programs as to the positives and negatives? i'm overall satisfied with barnard, although i think bard has better facilities and feels like it might be a better fit... then again, it's, as many students say, "in the middle of the woods" (and as a nyc native i worry it might get isolating)</p>

<p>any help is much appreciated.</p>

<p>Bard is my target school~ :D
Here is the information I got for Bard for many ways.
Characteristic: small, intellectual, idiosyncratic, progressive, smokers.
Top Major: Creative Writing, English, Political Science, Social Sciences
Bard is deft. liberal arts education and Annandale-on-Hudson is sleepy.
Bard doesn’t have as rigid a core curriculum as many other schools, but it does require that students take a well-rounded slate of classes. And you will need to do the senior project to graduate. And bardian are lefties, I heard from a current student. the location of bard is a disadvantage...but you could go to the city by bus/Amtrak weekly, it might cost 2 hour to go to the city from bard.</p>

<p>Indeed Barnard has a better location, and you can choose courses from Columbia.
You can get more intern chances in NYC in Barnard I think. the education is rigorgous there also, but might be not as creative as that of bard.
dunno much more about the disadvantages about Barnard.</p>

<p>Congrats for your admission!</p>