Bard vs Lawrence for 5 year double degree program?

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Ds was accepted into both Lawrence and Bard for their double-degree program. Wondering if anyone can speak to either of these programs, one over the other and reasons why. He’s also considering St.Olaf but so far Bard and Lawrence are the top contenders. FA from Bard is almost double what Lawrence is offering. Bard’s stats are hard to decipher so I’m curious about what anyone has to share re their experience with these two schools.


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Are you saying the cost for you at Lawrence will be twice Bard or just that the merit offer is twice from Bard? Bard is a magnet for quirky artsy out of the box students. They also have lots of quirky out of the box programs which can be great. Financially they’ve been kind of hand to mouth for quite a few years, sort of famously living off the fundraising prowess of a charismatic president. Which is not to say that won’t continue. It’s one of the few campuses we saw pre-covid where we saw actual 21st century college kids smoking actual 20th century cigarettes. Brought back memories.

My son '21 has decided on St. Olaf. He’s probably as left politically as most Bard students but wants to be in a place with more diverse views than the progressive bubble he grew up in. I can’t speak to the trade off in the double degree program.


Thanks for your response and congrats on your son’s various acceptances. Bard offered him a scholarship that is almost full tuition. Lawrence offered him a very generous aid package, scholarships, grants and a few other things. The difference will be about 5k. St. Olaf also offered him a generous aid package, comparable to Lawrence. He really liked St. Olaf but I think it’s going to come down to Bard or Lawrence.

It’s hard to find much on Bard. A lot comes up about their precarious financial situation but tbh it doesn’t seem any more precarious than other smaller LACs and I do know they received a $100 million grant recently. Like your son mine has grown up in a progressive bubble, though he is more moderate than his parents lol. He wants diversity in his political sphere as well, actively seeks out those with different views to learn more. He’s def not the typical artsy student, in fact artsy is not an adjective I’d ascribe to him despite his dance and musical background. In addition to voice, his other degree will be math with a possible minor in philosophy.

I have been super impressed by Lawrence’s involvement in our process right from the get-go. It’s going to be a tough decision. Thanks again for responding.

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It’s better to have many good choices but still difficult. Good luck. Sounds like you can’t lose.

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