Bard vs Sarah Lawrence

Hello! I got into both Bard and Sarah Lawrence but am still on the fence a bit about where to go.

I am interested in film and studio art and I know both have very strong film and great art but would appreciate any insight on specifics. also does the size of the school or location have an effect on these programs

I love the city but feel like Sarah Lawrence might be a bit to cramped because of it and i love Bards campus but am worried about the isolation.

I am also wondering about the students at both, I have heard from both that people are intellectual because it is cool and dont actually having meaningful thoughts, and that the students are a bunch of rich kids pretending to be poor because it is cool. Is this accurate for either? Are there other differences in the student body?

Also one last thing, I also got into clark and Hampshire and would love to hear if anyone has any outstanding thoughts about those in comparison with bard and Sarah Lawrence


Hi! I am an incoming college junior looking to transfer schools and I got into Bard and Sarah Lawrence. Still deciding between these two and Vassar which I’m still waiting to hear from. I’m interested in film and theatre. I’ve heard these rumors about stuck up rich kids at Sarah Lawrence for sure. All i can say in terms of the people is I went there to visit for a weekend with a friend from high school and attended a party and met some really cool people that seemed very humble and friendly and welcoming and cool. On the other hand I definitely saw some kids who could be a little full of themselves. Another friend told me at Sarah Lawrence there are a lot of kids who are really great at art and make really cool things but there’s equally as many kids who think they are more artsy than they actually are, haha. So I’m sure it’s the same deal at Bard and anywhere else, there’s kids on both ends of the spectrum, but you just have to navigate it right and find your right group of friends. Obviously I don’t have much experience at either school so I’m just going on what I’ve heard and my intuition, so take what I say with a grain of salt. But, at least for myself, I’m hoping I can find the right people and be fine. I think wherever I go, if I find a good group of friends to hangout with who are into similar things, the lack of parties will be NBD and I’ll be happy. Best of luck to you on your decision, let me know where you end up!