Barnard Class of 2025 — Decision Date: Mar 31

hey guys! I was also deferred. I was a bit sad about it last night, but I don’t think they defer people if they aren’t seriously interested in them. I’d definitely be curious to know how many people got deferred.

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Really? what’s the reddit thread? I’d be interested in looking at it

I was also deferred and I think I’ll do both hahahaha I’ve been rethinking my interest in Barnard and, although it remains very high, I am also worried about my chances of getting in any college since I’m both international&poor. I think you should definitely apply ed2 if there’s another college you really like, since your chances of getting in will probably be higher than as a deferred applicant. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll end up in a good school and continue to be an amazing student!!!

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:frowning: Sometimes I feel the same way. But I like to keep in mind that each college has a different approach towards FGLI students. Despite being a very stressful and uncertain process for us, many students get in, and we have the chance of applying ed2 as well! You can definitely get a deserved rest for some days, but don’t give up!! You have come so far already. Good luck :))

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Well I was applying as an international student and asking for financial aid (got rejected) so I can confirm that

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it was the early megathread, there were not a lot of posts on this matter but no one was accepted

Are there any internationals who got accepted with financial aid?

It seems like there are a lot of deferrals this year

really? I thought it seemed like more rejections and not too many deferrals. I could be wrong though! Is deferral a bad thing?

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I don’t think deferral is necessarily a bad thing, but I think the rd pool is definitely more competitive. So im probably gonna ed2 to somewhere else.

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yeah! I wonder if deferred applicants are viewed any differently than regular decision applicants?

If you’re an international student looking for FA I’d suggest Googling schools that give FA to international students because many US school don’t. In addition, many schools are in a bind financially because of Covid, so that may affect FA awards this year as well.


i got deferred and i’m rlly upset about it but! hopefully RD works out! everyone else who got deferred are u all planning on keeping it ur top school?? or are u trying ed 2

GPA (UW/W): School only did UW - 3.947 (out of 4)
Rank (if you have): 18/412 (Top 5%)
SAT/ACT (superscore): Didn’t take it
APs + Scores: Took 11 APs in all 4 years but only sent scores for AP Psych (4) and AP Lang (4) because rest were 3s or I didn’t take the test
ECs: My ecs were my biggest insecurity because as you can tell I didn’t a lot compared to a lot of Barnard’s students who’ve traveled the world and done amazing things.

  • Founded my schools first BSU and am co-president (Senior Year)

  • Representative for my school’s orchestra (Senior Year)

  • Worked at a part time job (Soph/Jr year)

  • Started a sticker business with a friend to raise money for Black Women’s mental health. Raised over several hundreds dollars so far (Jr/Sr year)

Did you apply for FA?: yes
Rate Rec Letters: I know my recs really helped. I asked for recs from the few teachers I actually had a relationship with and talked to throughout the year. I asked for recs from 3 teachers and was able to read the first two but not the last one but I’m sure her’s was fantastic as well and I asked her to make it Barnard specific. So I’d rate them in order of 10/10, 10/10, and 9or10/10 because I didn’t get a chance to read it.
Rate Essays: My essays were also really strong parts of my application. They were very personal and I think showed my voice and my strength in writing.

Personal Statement: I applied through the coalition app and I chose the topic of my choice. This essay was honestly one of the best/most personal things I’ve ever wrote. I wrote about my relationship with my dad and estranged brother and used a metaphor that I came up with all by myself. I took a really poetic approach this and focused a lot on rhetoric (if you want help your PS pm me on here!!) 10/10
Why Barnard: I thought this was the weakest of supplements but it was still good. I talked about how my favorite class, Ap Seminar, was a prototype of Barnard and how it showed me that Barnard would be a good fit. Wasn’t really specific honestly kinda basic in my opinion 6.5/10
Bold question: Really liked this one. I talked about how some students at my school went viral for one of those high school interviews where they ask what race would you not date and they ignorantly replied darkskin and they were black. I used this essay to show how I’m trying to rely on my own opinions and not look for compliments from boys who really dont even matter. 9/10
Woman: I chose Addy Walker, my favorite childhood character from elemetary school. Addy was first means of literary representation but she was also a slave so I talked about how bittersweet it was to have to read a book about Blackness being a burdened just to read about a Black girl protagonists. 9/10
Any Comments?: write your essay on anything you want!! I see so many college help videos that tell you not to write about mental health, trauma, bad relationships, poc strugges, or anything that they deem to be a “pity story” but i wrote about all of that and it worked so just be personal, honest, and creative!!

Backgroud: I’m Black American student from Washington state. My parents are both immigrants and college graduates. I have 6 siblings. Went to a large public highschool in the suburbs. I don’t have any major awards. Just AP stuff and things from orchestra but nothing crazy.


im pretty sure they consider that barnard is/was your top choice and the supplemental information can be helpful since rd applicants don’t have this opportunity

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I really don’t know… barnard is the top choice from my list despite being deferred. but ed2 improves my chances on another great school (JHU). what are you all going to do?

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i was planning to do ed2 to nyu if i was rejected but now that i know i might have a chance i really want to see if i can make it in. idk if i’m setting myself up for more heartbreak though ugh i hate this process


Hi, I’ve been following this thread for a few weeks, you people are so supportive! Just wondering, is there any Chinese applicants like me this year?

Hey! This is my first post on this thread but I am a Chinese applicant too ! :slight_smile:

Wow hi! Are you applying ED or RD? :relaxed: