Barnard Class of 2025 — Decision Date: Mar 31

Hii class of 2025(enthusiasts lol) let’s talk about Barnard here


hey, i’m applying :slight_smile: future english major here

just the thread i was looking for! Do yall think Barnard will go test-optional because of COVID19?

I don’t know, maybe, but also my application is relying on my test scores!

Since Wellesley went test-optional,one of the seven sisters(colleges),I can see Barnard going test optional too.

@futurestudent158 yess sameee

Yes, they made it optional this year!

hey guys! current junior here :)) planning to apply ED to Barnard this fall!

hi everyone! junior here as well (-: im planning to ED as well this fall, majoring in psych

Hi y’all! Im interested in Barnard (current junior). Does anyone know about the networking at Barnard? I want to major in Political Science, which relies a lot on networking and good connections. I can’t find anything about any networking service like what Columbia has

You will network and talk to a lot of Columbia students so I am guessing that you will a lot of networking with Columbia students and on the Columbia campus, I think! My cousin who goes to Columbia says that a lot of Barnard students do activities and socialize a lot with Columbia students!

I plan on applying ED because Barnard has been my dream school since I was like 6. I plan to apply as an environmental bio major or a sociology major.

what majors r yall applying for!!

Sociology Pre-Med

probably comp sci :slight_smile:

Is anyone here not gonna send in their SAT score? I haven’t got the chance to take it yet and idk how online SAT testing will go lmao.

im planning on submitting my act and sat…you should try taking the exams too just in case. I took the act without studying and really surprised myself. good luck!!

I am an international student who will be needing financial aid so I am keeping my hopes very lowwww for Barnard lol

i’m applying to barnard too, im nervous!

Hi Guys!! I am applying ED to Barnard too! Hopefully I see you in the fall! Good Luck to everyone!