Official Class of 2025 Early Action/Early Decision Thread: Resources + Notification Dates

As colleges begin announcing Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA) results, you may be seeking guidance for things like dealing with deferrals, evaluating whether your financial aid packages meet your needs, or how to withdraw other applications if you intend to enroll at a school that accepted you. Fortunately, College Confidential is here with a toolkit that can guide you on all of these topics and more. Check out our resources below to ensure that you have everything you need to make the right college decision.

Also, take note of the EA/ED release dates and connect with fellow applicants from your selected schools.

Amherst: Dec 11
Babson: Dec 17

Barnard: Dec 14

Bates: Dec 20

Baylor: by Dec 15

Boston U: Dec 15

Boston College: Dec 15

Bowdoin: Dec 15

Brandeis: Dec 15
Brown: Dec 17

Bryn Mawr: tba

CalTech: Dec 12

Carnegie Mellon: Dec 12

Case West Reserve: Dec 2 - ED: / Dec 19 - EA

Columbia: Dec 15

Cornell: Dec 17

Dartmouth: Dec 16

Davidson: Dec 15

Duke: Dec 18

Emerson: Dec 15

Emory: Dec 15

Fordham: Dec 18

George Mason: Dec 15
Georgetown: Dec 15

Georgia Tech: Dec 4

Hamilton: Dec 15

Harvard: Dec 17

Harvey Mudd: Dec 11

Hofstra: Dec 15 (rumored)

Howard U: Dec 11

Johns Hopkins: Dec 11

Macalester: Dec 6
Michigan State: Dec 15

Middlebury: Dec 12

MIT: Dec 19

Notre Dame: Dec 16

Northeastern: by Dec 15

Northwestern: Dec 17

NYU: Dec 15

Ohio State: Dec 11

Penn State: Dec 24
Rice: Dec 10

Skidmore: Dec 9

Stanford: Dec 11

Swarthmore: Dec 15

Tufts: Dec 15

Tulane: EA - Dec 17

UNC Chapel-Hill: late Jan

UPenn: Dec 16

U. of Richmond: Dec 11

UT Austin: Dec 11 - first “large” batch

Vassar: Dec 8

Vanderbilt: Dec 15

Villanova: Dec 15

Washington & Lee: Dec 16

Wesleyan U.: Dec 12

Williams: Dec 11

Yale: Dec 16

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Villanova ED ‘by’ Dec 15

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UGA EA Nov 20th
Miami University (OH) ED 12/15 EA by 1/15

Columbia is the 15th too! (My friend applied ed!)

University of Vermont is December 17

Haverford: Dec 15th ED1; Feb 15th ED 2

Williams, December 15

I would be cautious in using the last year’s, pre-COVID release date as a benchmark.
On top of obvious logistical challenges this year, some colleges moved the ED application deadline, typically from Nov 1 to Nov 15.
One example - Pomona: just like last year, it is officially Dec 15; but while they emailed their decisions on Dec 6, 2019, I don’t think it is realistic to expect them to wrap it up in 3 weeks this year.

Can you tell us these schools EA admissions notification dates please: University of Miami, University of Michigan , University of Texas, Binghamton University, university of Wisconsin, Madison.

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Anyone know about Quinnipiac?

Michigan’s website says late January
UT is rolling - for OOS they usually have batches in December (on Fridays) and then not again until late January, but this year they began accepting in state students much earlier than usual so who knows what they will do. Hook’em!

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I have a student who applied ED to a school and their CC page is virtually dead. Has anyone found this with a school their student applied to as well? This was not the case 2 years ago for the same school so I’m wondering if it’s a sign applications are down, or international applications are down as expected due to covid, unknown visa issues, and less financial aid available or what?



Someone on the Amherst ED thread said they were told on an Amherst webinar that international apps to Amherst were 2.3x what they were last year.

One data point I am relaying 3rd hand, but if accurate then that big of an increase would lead me to believe that ED apps are not down, at least at top tier schools.

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Interesting. My ex-niece is a freshman there and they were very restrictive about who could come this semester, I believe only freshman on campus and they couldn’t take a full courseload. But also, maybe the international apps are up because they are need blind for all applicants? I know where my son applied they are not need blind for internationals and no idea if that plays a factor. I just find it so strange that there is literally no activity on the ED forum.

But 2.3x is crazy regardless!

I forgot Amherst is need blind for internationals. It doesn’t make the 2.3x meaningless for figuring out the big picture, but that is a wrinkle I hadn’t considered that may make it non-representative, even for elite schools.

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Anyone know when U Miami ED is?


upenn ed?

@pengupengu13, I added UPenn to the list.