Were You EA/ED Denied or Deferred? Get All Your Admissions Questions: ASK ANYTHING!

As schools are announcing their EA/ED decisions this month, we want to congratulate those who got accepted and help those who got denied.

As you struggle to figure out your next steps, @IvyScholars is here to answer your questions on college admissions, strategy, or any other aspects of the application process you may have.

After learning about the admissions process firsthand at the Johns Hopkins University, Sasha founded Ivy Scholars in Houston, Texas in 2015. Having watched hundreds of students and their families get lost in the admissions process and endure the stress of denial, he dreamed of providing a crystal-clear journey of self-reflection and coaching to help students craft great applications. Four years after he’d started, hundreds of his students had been accepted to their top-choice school–and enjoyed themselves in the process.

He is joined by Antonio Cruz, a mentor and content creator for Ivy Scholars. Antonio loves sharing knowledge with the next generation of scholars, and considers connecting with students and seeing their success the most rewarding part of his work.

Hi! I was deferred from Tufts, what should I do to try to get in now?

Sadly I got deferred from Georgetown, what should I do to get in?

I got deferred from Columbia. I’m still confused why, and trying to find out so I can improve.

I wrote a chanceme in reddit with all my info on my application and stats. Its called “I Got Deferred From Columbia ED. What Now and Why?”

Any help would be massively appreciated.

Hey @honesttalks and @ashleymalone, determine what has changed between when you submitted your application and now. If you have seen improvements in test scores, grades, or otherwise academically, be sure to update the school. If you have accomplished anything impressive extracurricularly, update them on that as well.

Don’t contact the school just for the sake of contacting them, but if you have new achievements of information to give better context to your application, you can and should send that in. Admissions officers do have a lot to read and do, so make sure anything you send in is worth their effort. Do not send additional essays or letters of recommendation.

Hey @RoboPandaX, can you post the information in a chanceme thread here on CC and link it? My general advice for what to do if you’re deferred stands, but I can give more detailed advice if I can see your stats.

Hi, I was denied from Swarthmore and can’t find another college that I would really like to go to besides Haverford.

got deferred from barnard…any advice?

Hi! I have been deferred by both UGA and University of Wisconsin. Official SAT of 1470, super score of 1500. WGPA 4.0, GPA 3.6. These were both “target” schools for me. Now I am concerned that I won’t get in anywhere. I am looking for statistics on admit rates for deferred students and particular schools. Suggestions are appreciated.

hello!! i was deferred from yale and i was wondering if any of these changes would be worth writing to them about.

since november, i’ve written a research paper (albeit a standard one for my sociology class final) on the impacts of race and socioeconomic status on health outcomes, been voted most likely to succeed by my classmates, and won a faculty-voted academic and leadership award given to my school’s best 20 seniors. are any of these information that yale would find valuable?

thank you so much!! :slight_smile:

Wait you got a decision from Wisconsin? I applied there and they emailed me today saying they would release all decisions in late January

Hi I got rejected from NYU tisch and i feel kinda lost, what do i do now?

Hey @acde123, trying to find a college which suits you requires knowing what you want out of a college. If you want the liberal arts experience, Brandeis University or Amherst College are both decent options.

The first step is to determine what exactly you want out of a college, knowing that, it’s easier to find one which matches any given criteria.

@everandevermore, the leadership award may be good, depending on how it is determined and the size of your class. One of the top twenty in a thousand is more impressive than the top twenty in one hundred.

Writing a research paper is impressive if it is done outside of school, especially if based on original research and geared towards publication. as you indicate this paper was for an assignment, I don’t think it’s worth updating Yale on, though correct me if I misinterpreted what you’ve said.

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Hey @gerwiggf, aside from the advice I give above on deferral, make sure you have applications going out to other schools.

Hey @PatriciaHB, depending on what state you’re in admit rates will be lower than reported for schools like UW and UGA, as in state students are often prioritized for admission.

Since deferred students are mixed in with the regular decision pool, I don’t know of any website which offers statistics for their acceptance rates overall.

With your GPA and test scores, you should have a solid shot at most public research universities, and the two schools you mentioned are both within target range. I would suggest reviewing your essay and extracurriculars, to see if those may have negatively impacted your application. Consider revising your personal statement before applying to schools in a similar range RD. For suggestions there, University of Oregon and University of Alabama both have comparable programs, although some of that depends on what you want to major in.

Just want to add that in addition to your state of residency, some majors are more competitive than others. Looking at overall acceptance rates for the flagships can be very misleading.


@cookiemonst3r Rejection hurts, and it’s ok to take a few days to process. You should, however, also start looking towards other schools to apply to RD, especially if you didn’t get any in EA.

What attracted you to Tisch? There are similar arts opportunities at other schools. Fordham offers collaborative programs with Alvin Ailey and Julliard, if being in New York is important to you. Rutgers Mason Gross School of the Arts is another option close to the area, although not in New York city itself.

Wherever you do end up applying and attending, you’ll be able to find good friends and a community. You can take some time on regrets, but should renew your applications push to find a program that’s right for you.

DS was denied UPenn/Wharton for class of 2025. We knew it would be tough but were surprised he did not even get deferred. Stats are: 1530 SAT, 770 Math 2 subject test, National Merit Semifinalist, 4.25 gpa, IB full dip,Eagle Scout, lots of ECs and good essays. Also URM. What happened?

Thank you so much!!

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